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Monday, January 31, 2011

Craftroom Clean-Up, Chapter 2, Day 1

If some of you will recall, I had a major craftroom clean-up "work in progess" project. You can check it out here: http://ladybuglair.blogspot.com/search/label/craft%20room%20clean-up

NOTE: I just realized that it's been almost a year, since I'm reliving this fun time. :-)

To see it from the “start” --- you’ll have to scroll down to the very bottom and click on “older post”. Then scroll down to the very bottom of that screen and you’ll see the 1st day; then just move up the page to see each following day. :-)

You guys, w/ all of your wonderful support/comments, gave me the motivation I needed to accomplish this clean-up. Thank you sooooo much again, for that!! :-)

Well, as time went on and I was completing various projects, my craft/sewing room kinda/sorta got back to the mess it originally was. I know. Not very good but the reality of it is that it did. :-(

Now, flash forward to today --- when I mentioned that I hopefully would be getting a new workstation, so I’d be able to fit my revolving rack beside it. But, as prev. mentioned, that entailed completely cleaning up that area. Hence, Chapter 2 of my craftroom clean-up!!! :-)

Well, here are some “before pix”. Close your eyes, so you won’t be completely disgusted by the hot mess. LOL I’m even surprised that I’m willing to share such a mess but. . . . it actually helps me in knowing that, because my mess is “out there in cyberspace”, I can’t hide it and that I have to clean it up. . . . yet again!!!!! LOL

Don't forget --- you can click on the pix to enlarge them! :-)

Top of table:-

Underneath the table:

Top, underneath and beside the table:

So I’ve been working on this for over a hour and this is what the top of the table now looks like. Pretty neat, eh? So are you still w/ me??? I haven’t completely scared you away???? LOL

However, I’m going to be totally honest as to where that “top mess” ended up. Here, on my other desk. . . . .

Please keep in mind that it’s just a temporary storage place. Definitely not permanent!! Now I have to tackle underneath, in front of and beside the table. That’s not going to be an easy task, for sure. But, before I can get my “newer desk” (new to me, but it’s 2nd hand), I need to create a space for it and a CLEAN space. That’s the tricky part!!! LOL

Please wish me luck. Toss some “fairy dust” my way and hopefully I can accomplish all of this. But, please remember that it’s definitely going to be a “work in progress”. :-)

Better Pic of new storage unit

Hiya! I realized that the first pic I showed you didn't really do it justice; hence, here's a pic of my new storage unit in all its glory!!! :-) This li'l gem is taller than I first thought it was. I guessed about 5', but I'm 5' 2 1/4" (that 1/4" counts, you know! LOL). Anyway, it's about 6 ins. taller than me --- so about 5' 8 ". Pretty neat, eh? :-)

I'm still workin' on where exactly to put the li'l critter. I have a 48" fold-out table by the window that I snagged from DH's stash. So he's gonna get that one back! LOL And. . . .I'm hoping to get a 30" computer table (one w/ a li'l hutch) to replace it. Hubby's checkin' it out today for me to see if its what would fit my needs (garage sale item!). Hopefully, he'll be bringing that li'l baby home w/ him. :-)

But. . . . .I have a whole LOT of WORK ahead of me --- to be able to get both of those li'l gems in my teeney tiny craft/sewing room. It's going to be a real challenge as I have a whole bunch of "stuff" that's been stored underneath that 48" table. Sooooooo, where to put that in the meantime???!!!! But. . . . along w/ challenges comes excitement and just plain ol' fun! :-)

Soooooo, looks like there's going to be another chapter to the "craftroom clean-up". Please cross your fingers for me that:-
  • hubby comes home w/ the computer table w/ hutch
  • that it will fit in that space, along w/ the revolving rack

Thanks for all of your support/comments. :-)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's HERE. . . .

I have it, now, in my hot li'l hands!! LOL The picture shows it, minus its bottom w/ casters. Very similar to the other pic, tho.

There's no place right now to put it, so it's in the stairwell and li'l Bailey is guarding it. It's almost like he's saying:- "nobody touch my Momma's new toy". LOL

So now that I have it, I can get a better idea of what will fit in it, and what won't:-

Cricut cartridges (too big)
Slice design cards (too big)
Cuttlebug folders (too small)
small chipboard boxes (will fall thru)

CD cases
Sizzix dies
cards and envies
MS deep punches

So at least I have a few things to work with. I just couldn't pass this li'l gem up, as I got it for. . . free. How cool was that, eh?? :-)

I can't thank you all enough, for helping me figure out what to put in there. Your ideas/suggestions were awesome!! Now I just need to work on how it's going to fit in my room!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I need your help!!!

Hiya. I need your help, please! I have a chance of getting a rack very similar to this one (above) but I'm completely befuddled as to what I would use it for. Go figure, eh? I can always come up w/ ideas when I DON'T have a certain storage unit but, when I get a chance to get one, my mind goes blank. LOL

Very similar to:- I can think of a whole bunch of things I want to buy at M's but, when I have a coupon in my hot li'l hands, I can't think of ONE thing that I want/need. LOL I guess it has something to do w/ "Murphy's Law", eh? LOL

Anyway, sorry for babbling on and on! Sooooo, if you had this "hot item" in your hands, what would you use it for??? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!

BTW, it won't fit the Cricut carts. (misses by 1/4") But I already have my other revolving stand for those!! :-)

Message for my visitors

Hiya! I'd like to make a statement. I almost feel like saying:- "Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears". LOL

Actually, I would like to address all of my "Visitors, Followers and Guests". :-)

I can't thank you enough for visiting my blog. You all put a smile on my face when I see that you've stopped by. I've had over 11,000 visitors, 200 followers and 40 guests. How cool is that, eh? I never thought for a moment that my blog would have so many wonderful people visit it.

I plan on visiting all of my followers' blogs and becoming a "follower", if I haven't already. :-)

I would also love to be able to "connect" w/ those who have left messages in my "Guest Book", but I have no idea how to do that. :-( There doesn't seem to be a link to those blogs. :-( Or, maybe if you sign my book, you could leave your blog info for me. :-)

I have a few questions for you:-

* Do you enjoy the music I've chosen for your listening pleasure? If not, what type would you like to hear? As you can tell, I'm not a "heavy metal, rock, or rap" kind of person. :-)

* Is there anything you'd like to see on my blog?

* What do you enjoy the most about my blog?

One of my "plans" is to showcase the different blogs that I've won some awesome blog candy. There are so many generous crafters out there, that love to share, not only their gorgeous creations, but also their "booty" w/ others. I was really lucky to have been the winner of some of these and I feel very blessed that I did.

I've formed some wonderful friendships, thru my blog. I feel so blessed for that, also. :-)

So. . . . thank you, again, for visiting my blog!! :-)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Updated Checklist

Hiya. Someone mentioned that I had forgotten to add one of the Cricut Lite carts --- "B is for Boy". It has now been added. :-)

I noticed a few other newer carts that I had missed. (Sorry!). The list has now been updated. :-)

You can find it here:-

How I utilize mine is:-

I print it off and manually update it. But. . . . . I also update it electronically on the spreadsheet. This way, each time new carts are added, I'm not having to enter EVERYTHING all over again. :-)

I've noticed a lot of you have downloaded this Checklist. Hope you're enjoying it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cricut Cartridge Checklist - updated

Hiya. When I uploaded my Checklist yesterday, I completely forgot about "Hello Thursday".

What's "Hello Thursday" some of you may be asking?? Well, it's the "3rd Thursday of every month" whereby ProvoCraft Cricut releases brand spankin' new cartridges. They released 7 new ones yesterday:-

* All Sports
* Baby Steps
* Campin’ Critters
* Florals Embellished
* Formal Occasion
* Kate’s ABCs
* Martha Stewart Birthday Cake Art

Even tho it's great that they're bringing out newer ones, it sure is hard to keep up w/ them all. LOL

I have now added the new ones to the Checklist. I have also added:-

* Smiley Cards Digital --- which was available if you purchased and registered your Gypsy before a certain date (which has now passed).

Sorry, again, for not "being on the ball". I'll try better next month. :-)

Please Note:- if you click on the cartridge name on the Checklist --- it will link you to info about that cartridge, on the Cricut website. :-)

Here's the download:- http://www.mediafire.com/?4daou6hh7lzg5f2

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cricut Cartridge Checklist

Hiya! Hope you're all having a nice January --- whether you have the "white stuff" or not. :-)

Have you ever wanted to have a handy checklist, whereby you could keep track of your Cricut cartridges --- whether you registered them or entered the rewards, etc.? Well, I was driving myself nuts w/ having several different lists and trying to keep up w/ all of them; hence, I created an "all in one" checklist.

Here's the scoop of what it contains:-

* registered
* entered into "Rewards"
* linked to Gypsy
* downloaded Gypsy files to computer from Cindy's website
* imported said pix to Gypsy
* wish list

what it looks like:-

It's broken down into 3 separate lists:-

* Cricut cartridges
* Cricut Lite cartridges
* Cricut Imagine cartridges

These are located on the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

TIP:- when printing the spreadsheet, print each sheet separately. This way, you'll get the correct page numbering. e.g. print "Cricut" tab (8 pgs.). Next, send to printer:- "Cricut Lite", etc. Don't forget the "title" page. :-)

Any problems, please do not hesitate to contact me, by clicking on "E-MAIL" w/ the li'l ladybug, on my side-bar.

Before I entered my own information, I thought I would share the template w/ you. If you prefer, you could just use mine as a starting point, and then tweak it to your own taste. :-)

You can download it here:-

http://www.mediafire.com/?4daou6hh7lzg5f2 THIS is the latest download!! :-)

Hope you like it!! :-)

Firstly, let me explain, for those who aren't yet aware, about Cindy's website. She is a real sweetheart who has taken a lot of time in creating downloads of the pix on different Cricut cartridges, which you can then download to your Gypsy. She even has a video that shows how to accomplish this.

Here's her website:- http://crazy4crafting.blogspot.com/

Enjoy! :-)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Astrology Shake-Up

The Zodiac has been re-arranged!!!!

Just yesterday, I had the Zodiac sign, what I used to call the Big “C” cuz I didn’t like saying the whole word (cuz of the yucky disease). I used to be, according to my sign, a sensitive, nurturing, emotionally driven person. Today I find out that, because of the new Zodiac sign dates, I'm not any of these things. But I am happy to learn that I don’t have to have that Big “C” as a sign anymore. Now I’m a “twin” --- Gemini. I guess that accounts for some of my moodiness. LOL I’m now going to have to learn all of the new traits that I’m supposed to possess. LOL

Soooooo, did your sign change “for the better”?? Are you happy w/ your new sign?

Who would've thunk that we'd never be able to keep our Zodiac signs. Just another thing to ponder as to “what is this world coming to, eh??” LOL

Here are the changes:-

Capricorn: January 20 - February 16
Aquarius: February 16 - March 11
Pisces: March 11 - April 18
Aries: April 18 - May 13
Taurus: May 13 - June 21
Gemini: June 21 - July 20
Cancer: July 20 - August 10
Leo: August 10 - September 16
Virgo: September 16 - October 30
Libra: October 30 - November 23
Scorpio: November 23 - 29
Ophiuchus: November 29 - Dec 17
Sagittarius: Dec 17 - January 20

Do you now have Ophiuchus as your new sign? My hubby, mother and daughter do.

Orrrrrr, is all of this just a HOAX --- and we'll wake up tomorrow w/ someone having played an early April Fool's joke!!!! ???

UPDATE: This just in:-

Excerpt taken from the Daily News:-

"Let us be clear, Parke Kunkle’s discovery only addresses sidereal zodiac, that is based on constellations- therefore this change only concerns people in the East. Westerners adhere to tropical zodiac that is fixed to seasons (equinox to equinox). In conclusion, your zodiac sign has not changed."

What the heck????

Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Funky" Christmas Tree

Lookie what the hubster found at Michael's (M's) for 80% off!! He just couldn't pass it up. . . . .

Here are some close-ups of it:-

Don't you agree that the ornaments are really pretty??!!! It's a pre-made, handcrafted floral arrangement, created by one of the florists at our M's store. I think she did an awesome job. :-)

The M's store staff dubbed it as the "Dr. Seuss Tree" as in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". When hubby was paying for it, we had about 20 bystanders/customers w/ grins on their faces.

It's going to make a nice addition to our "family room" for next year. :-)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Martha Stewart Craft Furniture

Have you seen the new Martha Stewart Living Craft Space Collection from Home Decorators Collection? It’s simply beautiful.

I love furniture that has mega storage, whilst looking classy. Leave it to Martha Stewart and her crew to come up w/ something that fits that bill. And it looks like these storage units can be put together in different combinations, to create the perfect craft room. Now, who wouldn’t love to have a craft room like that? I know I would, but my area is toooooo small. :-( But. . . .one could always just purchase one or two of these items. :-)

The furniture comes in three colors:- picket fence, sharkey grey and rhododendron leaf. My choice would be the rhododendron leaf. Here’s some pix:

If you click on the LINK above, you can see a better picture and in more detail.

Sooooo, which items would be your choice?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bailey's. . . . pooped

Toooooo many festivities for the li'l tyke. Good thing his new toy could also be used as a headrest. :-)

After Christmas, we went upIsland and spent time w/ family. There was a pussy cat, where we stayed, and it took all of li'l Bailey's self-control (not much there! LOL), trying to stay away from it. He so wanted to play w/ it, but Papa didn't want him to.

He's happy to be home and in his familiar surroundings, where he "rules the roost". ;-)

I hope this New Year fills your heart with happiness and brings promises of brighter tomorrows. :-)

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