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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cards for Monique and Brenda

I made two of these cards for two special ladies, who are going thru a really rough time right now w/ breast cancer. They’re both having double mastectomies this week. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

For Monique and Brenda. . . . . . .


If you would like to send them a card, I know they would absolutely love it. You can find their addresses on the Pink Stamper’s website.


Cricut Expression
Cricut Design Studio
Cricut Cartridges (see below)
Martha Stewart Punch Round the Page – Ladybug
Glue - ATG
Patterned Paper
Corner rounder
Sentiment – computer-generated

Cricut Cartridges used:-
Walk in my Garden – Ladybug, and layer
Pink Journey – ribbon

Using the Cricut Design Studio, I placed two ladybugs from the Walk in my Garden cart. on the mat. Both are 2.75”. Placed the body layer on the mat, also at 2.75”. using the “hide contour” feature for the dots. I wanted their bodies to be whole, instead of showing the black round dots.

Placed the Breast Cancer ribbon from the Pink Journey cart. on the mat at 2.75”.

I’ve included the cut file, for those who would like it. You can also find it, along w/ some others, in my “Free Files” section, located on my side-bar, at the very bottom.

Card base is 6” x 12”, folded. The top layer is cut at 5” x 5”, using the MS Ladybug Punch around the Page punch set. Cut the li’l ribbon open and placed over the ladybug’s head. Popdotted the ladybug onto the card.

The sentiment inside was computer generated, on a 2.75” x 3.25” piece of paper, that was corner punched, using the Ladybug corner punch.

Corner-rounded the corners.

Hope these cards put a li’l “smile” on their faces. They need all the smiles they can get right now.

DS cut file:-

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anyone recognize this stamp set?

Before I start showcasing the bloggers I won my blog candy from --- I need some help. I've been told I "need help" some other times, too, but that's a WHOLE different ball of wax. LOL

I am soooooo sorry, but I can't remember from whom I won this gorgeous stamp set:-

As some of you already know, "Angels" have played a BIG part in my life and, when I saw this set up for grabs, I just had to enter to win it. And. . . I did! It's absolutely beautiful!!! But I feel really bad because I can't give the person I won it from, their "due rewards" (linking you to their blog).

The stamp set is by Inkadinkado and is called:- Christmas Silhouettes.

Sooooooooo, if YOU were the one whom I won this set from, please let me know. I think we even e-mailed back/forth but my e-mail situation leaves something else to be desired. In plain language:- it's a mess, right now. Toooo many messages and tooooo many folders, but no organization of same. :-(

Even if it wasn't YOU that I won this stamp set from ---- if you remember seeing this on someone's blog --- that you could point me in the right direction. This person may not even be a follower of my blog so, in that case, it's like finding a "needle in a haystack".

Oh, I seem to recall that this person had a bunch of stamp sets up for grabs, at the same time, and one had to just comment on each different post. I chose the angel one to comment on. Hope this helps to "twig" your memory because my memory isn't co-operating at all. :-(

I sure hope I can find this person. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!!! :-)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Update for Punch Winners

Great news!!! Heard from the Martha Stewart rep. and your punch sets were mailed out today. How cool is that, eh? :-)

I know you're going to like it a lot!!! It's a beautiful one!! Enjoy! :-)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Thank YOU

My sweet blogger friends ---- thank you so much for all of your sweet blog comments and e-mails! You guys are the reason for my "blog" and what I do/say on it!! :-)

I see I've also gained some new followers. I hope you enjoy your stay, whilst visiting. I'll be sure to visit your blog, as well, and become a follower. :-) I love seeing everyone's creativity.

Soooooo, did everyone have fun w/ the Martha Stewart give-away? I wish everyone could've won a set of punches. Maybe there'll be "another time"???!!! :-)

Thank you also to the "winners" for getting back to me soooooo quickly w/ their addies. Much appreciated. I'm just waiting on "one li'l thing" and then I'll be sending them off to the Martha Stewart rep., hopefully tomorrow.

As I mentioned in my messages to you, I'd appreciate hearing back, when you receive your punch set. And. . . . . I'm looking forward to seeing what you create w/ it. :-)

I had an extremely "fun day" today. I had a "flu shot" --- but that's not what the fun part was. LOL

I, too, received some "blog candy". I've been truly blessed this past while and have received a lot of blog candy. I plan on "showcasing" each and every one of the bloggers that I won the candy from and, oh yeh, showing you what I won, too. :-)

Hope you all have a GREAT week!!! Thanks, again, for being "YOU"!!!!! :-)

Bailey's BD goodies

Well, li'l Bailey scored BIG for his BD. We all knew he would, eh? LOL
He lucked out BIG time cuz his toys were on for 1/2 price. Got them at Petsmart. If you have one near you, here's what/how much they were:-

owl; purple monster; 7" witch; Frankenstein --- $3.00/ea
11" witch --- $4.00

His MAIN gift was the li'l fox that had NO stuffing in it. It was $10.00. (Bailey's worth it!!!) :-)

WINNERS for Martha Stewart punch sets

Top o’ the morn to ya!! I’m guessing you’re looking for something in partic.???? (tee-hee)

Okee dokee, drum roll please. . . . . . .

Firstly, thank you sooooooo much to Martha Stewart Crafts for such a generous give-away!!! I was really touched that they chose me to do this and I had an absolute blast showcasing the Swirling Lace Punch Around the Page punch set. I’m hoping I can do this again, for all of you, sometime soon!!

Here are the 10 lucky people that Random.org picked, to win the Swirling Lace punch set.

The actual winners:-

iluvmybugs said...

What fun and exciting news for you Linda!!! Happy 3rd B-Day to Bailey (who is just the cutest!).
Thanks for the chance to win!

Cathy said...

Thank you for the opportunity to win such a great piece of blog candy. I love Martha Stewart punches. Your blog is awesome I can see why they picked you...

scrappingfrog said...

Congrats on getting contacted by Martha's people...hehe! I just love her stuff, I got the Martha Stewart Cake but haven't been able to use it because im waiting to move. I would love to win one of these punches and thanks for the chance to. I love your blog and you are soooo sweet!

**Treefrog** said...

Woo Hoo Linda you hit the big time girl! Martha's checkin you out! You go girl! Well I was right about the punch but just the wrong punch I thought it was the one the Hubs got you (or the Rum Punch I was having, lol!) Well thanks for the goodies, you can never have enough punches (as you know, lol!) Happy Birthday to Bailey also what a big celebration!

((Hugs)) Theresa

Jodie R said...

Linda, I can't think of a more awesome blog to catch the big girl's attention!! You know how much I love coming to visit. Congratulations! I hope your following doubles!

Wende said...

Linda this is so special. Would love to win this MS patp. Thanks for the chance. Yorkiepoos rock!!!!

Melissa said...

WOW! What a cool thing for you and a great opportunity for all of your followers!!! How nice of you to share with us!
I would love to have this punch around the page set of punches and I can't wait to see what you do with them!
Our pup, Max is celebrating his first birthday this Saturday on the 23rd so maybe had and Bailey sharing a birthday weekend will bring me good luck!


Josie0602 said...

How awesome of them to give you the chance to give those away! I absolutely love MS punches!! I love following your blog and I visit often!!

Kelley-Lou-Who said...

Wooooooh! Go Linda! Thats awesome!!! You are so amazing, I'm glad they recognized that. Congrats to the winners!

Flamenco92627 said...

Wow, how nice of MS crafts and thanks to you for your generosity too!
I am already a follower.

Congratulations, everyone! I’ll be contacting you to get your mailing information. You will have one week to get back to me. If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll have to choose someone else, in your place. (It would only be fair.)

Again, a HUGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

to. . . . . . . . . . Martha Stewart Crafts!!! :-)

PLEASE NOTE:- I have left messages on all of the winners' blogs.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bailey

I've Got a Feelin'. . . . . . .

Just for "you", and in anticipation for tonite's "give-away draw", check out the "first song" on my I-Pod.

Have a great day!! :-)

Martha Stewart Punch Set GIVE-AWAY - now closed!

This give-away contest is now closed. There have been 77 entrants. Any other entrants after this time (9:00 p.m. PST) will not be considered.

I think I’ve left you hanging long enough to find out what the SURPRISE is that I have in store for you! :-) My “clue” was just something to “throw you off the scent”. (tee-hee) (get it?? Scent? Bailey??? LOL) Really had you wonderin’, eh?? :-)

Okee dokee, I’ve babbled enough. Here’s the scoop:-

I was approached by the PR department of Martha Stewart Crafts. Yeppers! Li’l ol’ me and my li’l blog. Who would’ve thunk??!! I was absolutely in SHOCK!! :-)

Anyway, they offered me a punch set to try out (& keep), as well as give away 9 other sets. Did you catch that?? :-)

That's right! I’m able, thru the generosity of Martha Stewart Crafts to give away 9 sets of a Punch Around the Page punch set. But, because I already had the punches they were offering me (thanks to my dear sweet hubster), I’m now able to give away 10 sets of this punch set. Isn’t that wonderful?? Do you like my surprise??? :-)

Here’s the Punch Around the Page set:- Swirling Lace

Thanks to Martha Stewart Crafts, 10 of you will be able to own your very own punch set. I know you will absolutely LOVE this punch set. In the next few days, I’ll be showcasing various ways to utilize this awesome set.

So, you’re probably wondering how you get to win a set. Very easy! Just leave a comment on the BLOG GIVE-AWAY post (THIS POST), w/ a way for me to contact you. You don’t have to be a follower but, if my number of followers increase, there could be more opportunities for MORE give-aways, like this. Please leave JUST ONE COMMENT, per person.

I’ll be picking the winners, via Random.org., at 9:00 p.m. (PST) on Sunday, Oct. 24th (Bailey’s 3rd birthday --- so you see, Bailey really was part of the clue!!!), You can check the time w/ my BLOG CLOCK. (on my side-bar)

These punches will be sent out directly from Martha Stewart Crafts. Please do not leave any personal information in the “Comment Section”. If you are one of the successful winners, I will contact you for your mailing information and forward it on to Martha Stewart Crafts who, in turn, will mail out your punch set to you.

Good luck everyone!!!! And. . . . . . .thank you so much, Martha Stewart Crafts for this wonderful give-away!!

WhooooooHoooooo --- I figured out how to keep this post AT THE TOP of this page!!! :-)

Soooooo, now you'll have to scroll DOWN to see my "latest posts" of cards that I've made, as this post has been "glued" to the top! :-) I welcome any and all comments on my card posts, too! :-)

Martha Stewart punch organization

Good morn everyone! Hope you're having a great week-end.

Well, today is li'l Bailey's 3rd birthday! We've had him for 1 1/2 years and it's been a blast! I wish we would've had him for the other 1 1/2 years but I'm truly blessed that he's been in my life for the time he was. His head has grown soooooo much cuz everyone who sees him tells him how cute he is! Then they gush all over him. He just "takes it all in" and, consequently, he has a HUGE head. LOL

Now, on to crafting:-

Because I have sooooo many punches, I finally came up w/ an idea of how to “organize” them. Yes, I have them on racks but it still isn’t the complete organization I want/need. Soooo, here’s my latest:-

Spotted this cute li’l photo album at a Thrift Store, many moons ago, and I remember paying “next to nothing” for it. It has one of my fav. flowers (Sunflower) on it, and what else is that li’l red thing???? Well, it’s a “ladybug”!! LOL

But, because I didn’t want to put pix in it and I had nooooo idea what else I would put in it, it just sat there. Until now. It holds 4” x 6” photos so it seemed apropos to cut rectangles 3.25” x 5” and use my Punch Around the Page punch sets to slip into the sleeves. Here’s a pic:- (Sorry for the glare. Pic was taken at night.)

It also holds the Deep Edge Punch Around the Page Punch sets. You have to use different measurements for these ones:- in multiples of 2 inches. i.e. 2”; 4”; 6”; 8”; 10”; 12”. (hence my cut of 4” x 6”). (The ordinary Punch Around the Page sets are in multiples of 1.75 inches. i.e. 3.25”; 5”; 6.75”; 8.5”; 10.25”; 12”.)

You can also see, from the pic, that the Doily Garden Trim punch set completely cuts out the centre part. When I cut it before (in one of my prev. posts), I must’ve not cut the rectangle perfectly. I’m guessing if it’s cut just a tidge larger, then it will leave the centre intact. You can see what I mean here:-

It makes no sense to put them in alpha order in the sleeves because, as I add more punch sets, it will be a royal pain very difficult to re-alpha them. So I’m just going to number them and made a legend, matching the numbers to the various punches.

But I want to go one step further. Even tho I have the punches on racks, it still makes it difficult to locate them. So, I’m going to number those, also, matching them to the cut-outs in my li’l book.

Of course, this will be a “work in progress”. I’ll show pix when I’ve completed the task. :-)

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my week of showcasing the Swirling Lace Punch Around the Page punch set.

Now on to 10 lucky people winning one of these sets. You still have time to enter. Closes at 9:00 p.m. PST. tonite.

I did up a “spread-sheet” of everyone who commented and numbered each one. Hence, when I draw numbers, via Random.com, I’ll be able to match the drawn “numbers” to the entrants. I’ll draw the numbers either tonight or tomorrow morning. Regardless, the winners will be posted on Monday, Oct. 25th and I’ll be contacting them that day, as well.

Good luck, everyone!!! Hope you enjoyed all the "sample cards" I made for you and you had as much fun, as I did!!! :-)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

All Occasion Card

Here’s another card, using the circle “thingie”. (Don’t know what else to call it!) :0)
But I added some li'l corner cuts. (instructions below)

Here are 3 different size circles, cut w/ the Martha Stewart Circle Cutter:- 2", 3" and 4", using the corner punch around the perimeter. I chose the 4" for this card, but just wanted to show the variety of sizes.

Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page:- Swirling Lace Martha Stewart Ladybug punch - ladybug
Martha Stewart Circle Cutter - circles
Glue- ATG and Zig Two-Way (for smaller items)
Stickles – Magenta

The card base is 5.25” x 10.5”, folded. The layer is cut at 5”, using the corner and border punches.

This time the circle was cut, using the MS Circle Cutter, at 4”, cutting around the circumference using the corner punch. Then I cut, separately, 4 corners to attach underneath the circle, just to jazz it up a li’l. Here’s how I did that:-

Then, inserted them on the 4" circle.....

Cut another circle 2 ¼”, adhering to the first one. The patterned paper has a flower on it. Now, what should go on top of the flower?? Well, that’s a “no-brainer” for me ---- a li’l ladybug, of course. :-) Soooo, used the Martha Stewart Ladybug punch and pop-dotted it on. Added a bit of Stickles.

If you click on the picture, it will enlarge and you’ll be able to see the card in more detail. Can you see the li’l ribbon I wove thru the lace? It’s a “sparkly” ribbon w/ both of the colours of the layers.

There are just sooooooo many things you can do with the MS Punch Around the Page punch sets. Hope I’ve given you lots of ideas.

I’d love to see your creations. Just leave me a comment on my blog and I’ll make a point to visit yours! :-)

Friday, October 22, 2010

MS Punch Around the Page tips

Have you ever wanted to punch a border around a complete LO page or even a card, but the corners just wouldn’t line up right? Well, the Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page punches leave out all of that guesswork, for you. When using these punches, you’re left w/ beautiful detailed borders and corners.

There are lots of different styles to choose from --- which gives you endless possibilities for your imagination to run wild w/ all of your creations.

You’ll notice a piece of paper in your package that has this info on it:-

Don’t discard this, as these are the dimensions you need your cardstock to be, before using the punches. If you don’t use these dimensions, your designs won’t line up correctly and you will be very disappointed/frustrated.

Then, you need to remember to punch the “corners” first, aligning the punched corner to the guide on the border punch. Once you get this li’l procedure down pat ---- you'll want to punch everything in sight. Well, o.k., not everything in sight --- just every piece of cardstock you own. LOL

I have a whole slew of these border punches. Hubby would even buy them for me “on a whim” --- he just happened to have a 40% off coupon w/ him and he popped into Michael’s. He just loved seeing the grin on my face, from ear to ear, when he presented me w/ the bag that held another MS punch set. :-) Not to mention the big smoochies he'd get. Ooops, TMI!!! :-)

Anyway, back to the MS Punch Around the Page set. Check out this video:-

But, before you click on "PLAY", be sure to go down this column, almost to the end, to click OFF my I-Pod. :-)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quick Thank You Note Card

Thanks to the Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page punch set, you can make a quick note card, before you can say:- Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious :-)


Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page:- Swirling Lace
Martha Stewart Score Board
Martha Stewart
Circle Cutter
Studio G stamp – “thank you”
Glue- ATG

The card base is 3.25” x 8.5”, folded. Cardstock (blue) is 1.5” x 4.25”, using the border punch. I scored three lines, using the MS Score Board. LOVE that scoreboard, as I don’t have the Scor Pal. And. . . . .the MS Score Board has the 1/8" increments, where the Scor Pal doesn’t. Ooops, sorry I digress. :-) Can you tell how much I love my MS Score Board? (tee-hee)

The circle “thingie” was cut using the MS Circle Cutter. I cut a 2” circle (cut like buttah!!!) and then used the corner punch around the circle. Added a li’l flower, via a brad.

Stamped “thank you”. Voila, you have a quick card.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monogrammed Note Card

Here’s a monogrammed notecard I made, using the MS Punch Around the Page set. Very simply made, as I’m just showing you the “basics” in my following posts. There are endless possibilities for creating cards and LO’s w/ the Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page punches. Let your imagination run wild!! :-)


Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page:- Swirling Lace
Glue- ATG and Zig Two-Way (for smaller items)

The card base (blue) is 6” x 8 ½”, folded. The top layer (white) is 4.25” x 6”, using the MS border punch on a portion of the bottom. The medallion is cut using a 2” square, using the corner punch. Inserted chipboard “N” in center.

Love that medallion!! Just think what other Martha Stewart corner punches would look like, as a medallion! :-). {Hmmmmm, as a treat, and seeing as I have a whole slew of these li'l critters, I'll punch a bunch and show you, at the end of showcasing this particular punch set. :-) }

Using the corner punch, I punched the folded top edges of the card. If you’d like to know how to do this, here’s how:-

* Line up the open arm of the corner punch to the edge of the paper and silver line, to inside fold. Here’s a pic to further demonstrate:-

You are more than welcome to leave comments on my "card posts", but please make sure you leave your comment, to enter to win this Punch set, on this blog post:-

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Martha Stewart Punch Set GIVE-AWAY

testing, one two three

Let's see if the "Blog Give-away" post stays put now and jumps ahead of this one.

EDIT: WhoooooHooooooo, it worked. The trick is to put a "future date" on the post you want to stay at the top!!!! LOVE this Blogger stuff!!! :-)

Give-away post getting buried.

Wowsers! I see the "BLOG ENTRY POST" for the Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page punch set is getting buried, from my card posts.

Let's see if I can fix that for you --- that it will STAY PUT at the top of the page. Will it work if I say:- "STAY" (like I say to li'l Bailey)?? :-)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thank You card....

Top o' the morn. to ya!!! I’m feelin’ a bit “punchy” today. I think I’ve had tooooo much eggnog! :-)

Here’s a really quick card I created, using the latest Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page set, that the hubster bought for me. (He’s such a sweetheart, eh?) And. . . . .he even put up some more racks, for me to put my punches on. :-)


Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page:- Swirling Lace
Studio G stamp – “thank you”
Glue- ATG and Zig Two-Way (for smaller items)
Corner rounder
Seed beads

The card base is 5” x 10”, folded, which makes a 5” square card. The first layer (blue) was cut using a 5” square, punching all around, using both the border and corner punches. The second layer (white) was cut using a 3.25” square, punching all around, same as first layer.

Rounded the corners. Added li’l flowers and seed beads. Stamped “thank you” in the center. Easy peasy.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Clue about the Mystery post.....

Some of you seem to think you know what my "Mystery Post" might be. Well, here's a li'l clue:-

Mystery Post......

Are you all ready for a Mystery Post???
I have a GREAT surprise that I'll be posting SOON!!! You won't want to miss this one!! And . . . . . I'm pretty sure you'll be as "pleased as punch".

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween centerpiece

Hiya! Hope you're all having a nice week-end. :-)

Made the following centerpiece for the hubster's office:-

Because I haven't received my "Happy Hauntings" cart yet, I used $ store bought items. However, hubby was ecstactic (his words, not mine!) and that's the main thing but. . . . . . . . if I could've used my cart. images, look at what I could've cut out:-

To make the centerpiece, I bought a pail (already in black! yeah!) and covered it w/ a black Halloween garland w/ shiny purple bats, using my ATG down the sides of the pail. Put a styroform block inside the pail and covered it w/ a "cobweb". Looks like a bubbly cauldron. :-)

Used wooden skewers and covered them w/ black electrical tape. There were doubles of the li'l cutouts and, because they were double-sided, I placed a skewer between the two of them and glued them together. Inserted them into the pail and "Bob's your Uncle"!!! :-)

The sign was another $ store bought thingie. Computer-generated the sentiment.

Would love to see your centerpieces! :-)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Martha Stewart Punches

Have you seen the latest Punch around the Page punches from Martha Stewart (MS)? I think she’s really outdone herself, this time. I have quite a few of her punch sets but absolutely fell in love w/ this one:- Wildflowers

This one is a li’l deceiving. I’m not sure whether it cuts out the entire inside (as shown in the box pic, below) cuz, when I punched it out, it left the inside intact (which is great, too!). I actually like it both ways. Doily Garden Trim

The possibilities are endless in how you can utilize these.

You can still get them for 50% off, ‘til Oct. 16th, using the coupon located here:-

This coupon overrides any other sales that Michael’s may have on MS items.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MIL Halloween Birthday Card

Made the following card for my Mother-in-Law (MIL), whose birthday is on Halloween.


Because the Wild Card cart, whilst utilizing the envelope, would cut out the card base at 3 ¾” x 3 ¾”, I decided to cut the card base out separately, at 5” x 10”; hence, making my own envelope using the MS envelope maker. Once I figured out the mathematical challenge, it worked like a charm. (see instructions below)

Also, because this card is for my MIL, I put a “mummy” on the front of the envelope. I think she’ll get a kick out of it!! Get it?? To: Mummy!! LOL

Mainly used the Wild Card cart for the card base, w/ the exception of adding the MS spider web punch around the sides. Wasn’t too keen on the spider that was on this cart, so used the cute li’l spider from the Paper Doll cart. The mummy needed a friend, so added the li’l cat from the Paper Doll cart. You could use a “to:” from a lot of different carts, but I chose the one from the Christmas Cheer cart.

Added Copper Stickles to the pumpkin to give it some definition. Added a pop dot to the spider on the web to give it dimension. Added Copper Stickles to the spider web to jazz it up a bit.

Computer-generated the sentiment and inserted it into a tag frame, using the Tag Maker.

The envelope was a li’l bit tricky, as I had to figure out the dimensions for cutting and scoring on the MS Score Board, using the envelope maker. I wanted an envelope to fit my 5” card, so had to create one that was 5 ½”.

Here are the dimensions/instructions I came up with:-

* Cut your cardstock to 9" x 9"
* Using the MS Score envelope template, score ALL sides at 3 5/8”
* Fold all the sides, then snip the li’l triangles
* Glue sides together, flipping up bottom and glue to sides, leaving top open

I then added a li’l liner.


Cricut Expression
Cricut Design Studio
Cricut Cartridges (see below)
Martha Stewart Round the Page punch – Spider Web
Martha Stewart Score Board Envelope Maker
Glue (regular, Glue Glider Pro & Zig Two-Way for small items)
TagMaker and tag
Stickles – Copper
Sentiment – computer-generated

Cricut Cartridges used:-
Wild Card – card base; pumpkin and stem; web; bat & spider (opt.)
Paper Doll Dress Up – cat & mummy (for envelope); spider
Pooh & Friends (opt.) – moon
Christmas Cheer – to:

Had a lot of fun making this card. Hope I gave you some inspiration to make your own. I’d love to see it, if you do.

I’ve included the cut file, for those who would like it.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ink Pad Storage

WhooooHooooo! Here's one of my latest Thrift Store finds for only. . . . . . . .75 cents!!! :-)

Stores my Stampin' Up ink pads like a hot........ "tamale". :-) I honestly don't know what its original use was for, tho. Either:- cassette tapes?? 8-track tapes?? No idea. But it works!!! :-)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

25th Anniversary Card

How exciting to have an Anniversary on today's date:- 10-10-10. Well, my in-laws have exactly that --- it's their 25th Anniversary. :-)

Here's the card I made for them:-

Instead of it being a "pop-up", I call this a "pop-out" card, as the middle folds/pops out:-

You can see the "pop-out" a li'l bit better here:-


Cricut Expression
Cricut Design Studio
Cricut Cartridges (see below)
Martha Stewart border punch – Loopy Loop & Heart Lace
Martha Stewart Score Board
Glue (regular, ATG, & Zig Two-Way for small items)
Patterned Paper
Pearls (on “L” for Love)
Background paper – computer generated
Sentiments – computer-generated
Chipboard letters – LOVE
Jolee’s Boutique – doves & olive branch
Flower – for front of envie
Stampin’ Up Ink – Really Rust (for inking around edges of sentiment)

Cricut Cartridges used:-
George & Basic Shapes – card base & heart cut-out
Hannah Montana – heart & layer

I designed this card in Cricut Design Studio. The dimensions of the card and inset are as follows:-

* Base:- 8.5” x 11”
* Inset:- 8.35” x 11.25”

The base scores at 5 ½” and the inside heart inset scores at 2 ¾” from each edge (vertically) and the center fold is right down the middle of the heart. The inset glues in just off the edges of the base.

I created the “CooCooLoveNest,” saying, on the computer, using it on the front of the card and inside the heart inset.

If you’re interested, here’s the cut file:-

Friday, October 8, 2010

"Hang in There" card

Made this card for someone who was going thru a rough patch. . . . .



Cricut Expression
Cricut Cartridges (see below)
Glue (regular, and ATG)
Patterned Paper
Googly eyes
pop dots (leaf & monkey)

Cricut Cartridges used:-
Sweethearts – monkey, leaves
Wild Card – sentiment (Hang in There)

Again, I have nooooooo idea why this picture is showing brown leaves. They really are “green”, including the inside of the card, along w/ its leaf. Verrrrrrry strange!! :-)

The patterned polka dot paper ended up having a dot between his li'l eyes. Almost looks like he's cross-eyed. (tee-hee)


Caroline (winner of my blog candy):- this is what you will be receiving. I mentioned that I was including a few li'l extras. Here they are:- I made a "copy" of the front, for the Christmas Cards cart. Wasn't sure how you stored yours so gave you the option of having the whole package (even if it is just a copy). :-)

The other li'l additions are:-
  • a Sizzix embossing plate "For You" (thought it was apropos for your winnings!) :-)
  • some of my "cherry blossom" flowers
  • a vellum "USA" flag/sentiment
  • some bling:- rhinestones
Hope you enjoy!! Can't wait to see what you make w/ the Cards cart. !! :-)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blog Candy Winner !

Drum roll, please. . . . . . . . . .

--- and the winner is:-
Caroline said...
oh Linda how generous of both you and PC. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I LOVE christmas and love to have everything christmas. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

I'll be contacting you, Caroline, and will be sending out your blog candy soon. Congrats!!!

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