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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Martha Stewart punch organization

Good morn everyone! Hope you're having a great week-end.

Well, today is li'l Bailey's 3rd birthday! We've had him for 1 1/2 years and it's been a blast! I wish we would've had him for the other 1 1/2 years but I'm truly blessed that he's been in my life for the time he was. His head has grown soooooo much cuz everyone who sees him tells him how cute he is! Then they gush all over him. He just "takes it all in" and, consequently, he has a HUGE head. LOL

Now, on to crafting:-

Because I have sooooo many punches, I finally came up w/ an idea of how to “organize” them. Yes, I have them on racks but it still isn’t the complete organization I want/need. Soooo, here’s my latest:-

Spotted this cute li’l photo album at a Thrift Store, many moons ago, and I remember paying “next to nothing” for it. It has one of my fav. flowers (Sunflower) on it, and what else is that li’l red thing???? Well, it’s a “ladybug”!! LOL

But, because I didn’t want to put pix in it and I had nooooo idea what else I would put in it, it just sat there. Until now. It holds 4” x 6” photos so it seemed apropos to cut rectangles 3.25” x 5” and use my Punch Around the Page punch sets to slip into the sleeves. Here’s a pic:- (Sorry for the glare. Pic was taken at night.)

It also holds the Deep Edge Punch Around the Page Punch sets. You have to use different measurements for these ones:- in multiples of 2 inches. i.e. 2”; 4”; 6”; 8”; 10”; 12”. (hence my cut of 4” x 6”). (The ordinary Punch Around the Page sets are in multiples of 1.75 inches. i.e. 3.25”; 5”; 6.75”; 8.5”; 10.25”; 12”.)

You can also see, from the pic, that the Doily Garden Trim punch set completely cuts out the centre part. When I cut it before (in one of my prev. posts), I must’ve not cut the rectangle perfectly. I’m guessing if it’s cut just a tidge larger, then it will leave the centre intact. You can see what I mean here:-

It makes no sense to put them in alpha order in the sleeves because, as I add more punch sets, it will be a royal pain very difficult to re-alpha them. So I’m just going to number them and made a legend, matching the numbers to the various punches.

But I want to go one step further. Even tho I have the punches on racks, it still makes it difficult to locate them. So, I’m going to number those, also, matching them to the cut-outs in my li’l book.

Of course, this will be a “work in progress”. I’ll show pix when I’ve completed the task. :-)

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my week of showcasing the Swirling Lace Punch Around the Page punch set.

Now on to 10 lucky people winning one of these sets. You still have time to enter. Closes at 9:00 p.m. PST. tonite.

I did up a “spread-sheet” of everyone who commented and numbered each one. Hence, when I draw numbers, via Random.com, I’ll be able to match the drawn “numbers” to the entrants. I’ll draw the numbers either tonight or tomorrow morning. Regardless, the winners will be posted on Monday, Oct. 25th and I’ll be contacting them that day, as well.

Good luck, everyone!!! Hope you enjoyed all the "sample cards" I made for you and you had as much fun, as I did!!! :-)


  1. Great idea! Now I just need the MS punches...lol!

  2. Great storage idea Linda! I had no idea that there were Deep Edge PATP sets (where have I been??LOL) and I love the Doily Garden Trim Set...will have to be on the lookout for that one!!! TFS

    Happy 3rd B-Day to your adorable little Bailey!!!



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