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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Updated Cricut Cartridge CheckList

PC added a new cartridge, Family Album, to their repertoire.  Here's the latest CheckList:-

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Latest Cricut Cartridge CheckList

Firstly, for my “regulars”, I am so very sorry that it took me so long to update my Cricut Cartridge CheckList.  Life totally got in the way for me and this entire year has been complete turmoil. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another.  Health issues were a major stumbling block. [sad] Things are slowly getting back to normal so I decided to concentrate on doing the update. [biggrin]

For those “newbies” to the Cricut world.  I created a Cricut Cartridge CheckList to help you keep track of the cartridges you have.  I have also included areas whereby you can keep track of which ones you have registered and/or entered into the Reward Program.  I also have other columns that pertain to things I was keeping track of w/ my Gypsy and my IPod, which I'd like to keep on there, for those who were previously utilizing it. [smile]

I have since changed the “Linked” column to pertain to the Cricut Craftroom or Cricut Design Space, for those that have an Explore. [biggrin]  (before, it was for the Gypsy)

I have also added a separate category (worksheet) entitled "Universal Overlay Cartridges".

Please note:-  This CheckList does not include “digital” cartridges/images.  Only physical cartridges are included on this List.

My CheckList consists of 6 different tabs in the Excel Spreadsheet (Workbook):-

Cricut Cartridges
Cricut Events
Cricut Imagine
Cricut Lite
Cricut Projects
Universal Overlay Cartridges

After you download the CheckList, you can choose to print each sheet or just individual ones. [smile]

All of the cartridges have “links” to their shopping page on the Cricut website.  This means, if you click on a cartridge name, on the List, it will automatically take you to the Cricut.com page that the cartridge is on, whereby you will find more details about the cartridge(s).

Here is where you can download this CheckList:-

If you happen to notice any cartridges that are missing from my CheckList(s), please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thanks! [biggrin]

Enjoy!!!! [biggrin]

p.s.  Here is what my CheckList looks like:-

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