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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Updated Cricut Cartridge Checklist

I have re-updated my Checklist because there were two cartridges that were missing from the original list. It was thanks to someone, from the Cricut MB, who brought this to my attention.

I am so sorry that you have to re-download the Checklist. The cartridges that were missing were:-

* Hello Kitty® Font Cricut® Cartridge
* Hello Kitty® Greetings Cricut® Cartridge

The reason they were missing is because I remember having a problem w/ deciding where to put them on the Checklist. Because Hello Kitty is the actual trademark, instead of Cricut, I have now decided to place them just after the Disney carts. :-)

Here's where you can find it:-


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Latest Cricut Cartridge Check List - July 2011

Hiya. Hope you're all having a nice week-end. :-)

Provocraft released 5 more new cartridges. They just keep comin' and comin', eh? LOL

Here's my latest checklist:-


Just to remind you that, when you click on the Cartridge name in the checklist you downloaded, it will link directly to the Cricut website, whereby you can see more info about the cartridge(s).

Also, check out this website:- http://cricutblog.org/ You'll find projects you can make w/ your new carts. :-)

For newbies to my Cartridge Checklist, here's what it looks like:-


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Christmas in July

Well, I finally did it! I actually made a Christmas card before Christmas ---- and in July, yet! LOLInside:-

I absolutely fell in love w/ the Cricut Lite Jolly Holidays cart. But, when it first showed its face here, I missed out on getting it. :-( Then, just recently, a gal from the Cricut MB didn't want hers anymore and was willing to sell it to me. So, it was only apropos that I used it for my "first" Christmas card. :-)

Isn't the Santa and the li'l crow just an absolute hoot??!! :-)

Cricut Imagine
Cricut Cartridge – Cricut Lite Jolly Holidays
Martha Stewart Punches – Snowflake corner punch; snowflake single punches
Cuttlebug Folders – Divine Swirls; Snowflakes
Stamps – Stampin’ Up "Alphabet Soup"; Hero Arts – inside sentiment
Glue – regular;
ATG; Zig Two Way
Cardstock –
white (base); red; blue glittered; white (for the Imagine, snow and sentiment bases)
Stickles – Frosted Lace
I was considering Cuttlebugging Santa’s beard w/ the Divine Swirls folder but I thought it might conflict w/ the snow and/or be too much. The sky is Cuttlebugged w/ the Snowflakes folder. Then I punched out individual snowflakes from the MS punches and pop-dotted them. I thought they complemented the Snowflake folder. :-)
Stickled both Santa’s and the li’l crow’s hat.
I’m still in shock that I’ve actually accomplished making a Christmas card in July. LOL That is definitely going to go down in history! :-)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lookie see. . . who has new "duds"

Why, it's li'l Cricut! He has a new night shirt. He was feelin' a bit of a draft at night. Now, he'll be toasty warm --- even his li'l antennae will be warm. :-)

These clothes originally belonged to Silvester, the Cat. . . . .
It's actually a win-win situation cuz li'l Bailey now has Silvester to play with. :-)
Hope you're all having a nice day! Thanks so much for visiting!! :-)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blog Awards -- whooohooo

Lookie what I just received from Terri at Two Pink Peas. Thank you sooooo much, Terri. What a wonderful birthday present!! :-)

Here are the rules for the Awards:
1.Post this award on your blog and a link back to the person who gave it to you.
2.Pass along to those you visit and those who leave comments on your blog regularly.

Because it's my party and I can do what I want to!! (just like the song!!! LOL), I'm going to pass these two blog awards on to "anyone who would like them". Please enjoy!!!

Thanks, again, Terri and thanks to all my blog followers and visitors!!! I really do enjoy reading all of your comments. It puts a smile on my face. :-)


That would be li'l ol' ME! :-)

Check out what the hubster gave me:-

And, noooooooo, it's NOT my 36th birthday. He switched the numbers! Cute, eh? :-)

It's a Chocolate Silk Torte cake that has dark Belgium chocolate cream, layered w/ six thin slices of chocolate cake. The top was decorated with huge chocolate slivers and strawberries. Mmmmmm, mmmmmm good. :-)

And, he gave it to me last nite, so I wouldn't be without something all day today. How sweet was that, eh? I think he's a "keeper"!!!!! :-)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

I was really excited when Terri at Two Pink Peas awarded me this wonderful blog award. Thank you soooooo much, Terri. Very sweet of you to do this. You really have to visit Terri’s blog and you won’t be disappointed because she has some really neat things goin’ on! :-)

The rules of the award are to thank the person who gave it to you, tell seven things about yourself, and then pass it on to seven other bloggers. I’m not going to bore you with the seven things about myself (I’d just be repeating myself!) :-). So, I’ll just pass on the award to the following great bloggers:-

Amy at:- http://amyscraftingspace.blogspot.com/

Barbara at:- http://barbaras-crafty-corner.blogspot.com

Christel at:- http://milomila.blogspot.com/

Jana at:- http://janabailey.blogspot.com/

Joy at:- http://joy-purttypaperz.blogspot.com/

Laura at:- http://www.ladybcrafts.blogspot.com/

Nadia at:- http://withglitteringeyes.blogspot.com/

Please make sure you check these bloggers out. They are absolutely AWESOME!!!

Thanks, again, Terri. :-)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Card for Angel's Momma

Made this card for a friend whose li’l Chihuahua has a broken leg, because it was attacked by two larger dogs. The dogs’ owner didn’t even apologize or help my friend w/ her li’l pooch. The nerve of some people!!

Oooops, I stickled "hugs" after I took the picture. :-)

Because I don’t have the “Four Legged Friends” cartridge, I had to improvise. I utilized my Cricut Design Studio, got the design/layers for the li’l Chihuahua; copied/pasted them and then cut out the design/layers with, you ready for it??? ----- scissors. Yeppers! --- the cutter prior to the Cricut. :-) Even tho it wasn’t a REAL troublesome design, I still really missed my Cricut cutting it out for me. And now that cart. is definitely on my “wish list”. :-)

Li’l Angel has a white spot on her forehead that looks just like a heart, so I had to put a heart on the li’l pooch. She also has a pink cast, so that’s why her hind leg is pink. She must love pink because she has this beautiful pink bed to rest her li’l body; hence, the pink pillow.


Cricut Imagine
Cricut Imagine Cartridges – see below
Cricut Cartridges – see below
Cricut Design Studio
Martha Stewart Punch –Double Loops
Glue – regular; ATG; Zig Two Way
Cardstock – blue; white (for the Imagine)
Patterned Paper
Stickles - Pink

Cricut Imagine Cartridges
Better Together – sun; sending your way
Lori’s Garden – butterflies

Cricut Cartridges
Disney Happily Ever After – pillow
Zooballoo – grass
Beyond Birthdays – hugs
Four Legged Friends – Chihuahua/layers

I sure hope li’l Angel is up and about, real soon. Hugs to her!!!

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