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Sunday, May 30, 2010

MAJOR update for blog candy.....

Ooops --- now I have TOO MANY followers! --- MORE than 100, so..........no blog candy!

JUST kiddin'!! (tee-hee) I can be a real li'l trickster, eh? LOL LOL

O.K., here's the deal:- if you're a follower, leave a comment ON THIS POST, w/ some way of my being able to contact you, should you win. I'll be drawing a name (via Random.org, in a WEEK's time, so everyone has a chance of entering). You don't need to do anything else (like putting notice on your blog, doin' the FaceBook thingie, etc.) ---- just plain ol' leave a comment on this post.

Good luck, everyone! :-)

Closing date:- June 6, 2010 at 10:00 p.m. PST.

Blog Candy update

My dear blogger friends...... I inadvertently gave you the wrong name of the border punch that is to be my "blog candy" (see May 3rd, Clean-up Day 3, for my previous post). I said it was the "gothic arches" punch but, in further checking, it's actually the "arch lattice" punch, that is up for grabs. Sorry about that!

I found something else to include w/ the blog candy:- a Sizzix Sizzlits "Scribbles Swirls" die. You don't need a Sizzix machine to use this. It can also be used in the Cuttlebug machine.

Both are brand new --- never been used. The border punch was taken out of the packaging (to put on my punch rack --- that's how I discovered I had two of them).

Only 3 more followers to go. Are you going to be one of them???? ;-)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Martha Stewart Punch chart

Good morning fellow blogger friends! Hope you're having a great start to your week-end. :-)

I'd like to share, w/ you, something that I created:-

If you’re like me and you’ve become enamored w/ all of the cute Martha Stewart border punches and you just can’t pass them up, esp. w/ using an M’s coupon --- BUT you can’t remember which ones you purchased, when you're shopping for more?? Well, fret no more, because I created a table, whereby you can keep track of these li’l gems. :-)

It’s a Word document that you can import into your own system and then add/delete whatever rows/columns you choose.

This is what it looks like:-

It actually has 3 columns:- one w/ a check mark (no idea why the column line isn't showing up in this pic, tho. It does in the actual file.); the punch image; and the description.

Click on the following link, which will take you to MediaFire, where the document is stored. Download it to your system and then have fun organizing your MS punches!


Clean-Up --- Day 11

I was REALLY busy in my craft room today. . . . . . . . . . . .not! LOL

Ya see, I needed some flowers, that resembled Japanese cherry blossoms, for a special project I was working on. I found this stem of flowers at the $ store and proceeded to do the daunting task of pulling all of them off their stems. That was my verrrrrrry BUSY day. LOL LOL
Have you noticed that I’m been taking pix of items on my STILL very CLEAN sewing cabinet? I know. . . .hard to believe that I haven’t been putting any junk back on top of it. LOL Kudos to me!!!

Hope you're all having a great day and. . . . . . . . . . thanks so much for stopping by!! :-)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Clean-Up --- Day 10

Decided to do a switcheroo of storage for my PaperGater and my Slice Machine/accessories. Originally, I had my Slice in this li’l storage unit. Now, my PaperGater has taken its place very snugly/perfectly.

When I added a tool kit, it worked better to have the Slice in this storage unit. It’s called “Generations” and was purchased at a $ store for $7.00. Can’t beat that price, either. The other unit was around that price, too.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Clean-Up --- Day 9

Sorry I’ve been MIA for awhile but “life got in the way” and I wasn’t doing “anything” (cleaning/sorting/creating) in my craftroom. :-( I’m back at it now, tho. :-)

I found this li’l storage container that I’ve had for quite some time, but completely forgot about. It was a surprise to find, in the top, my Cricut green electric scissors that DH got me for a stocking stuffer one year. It felt like Christmas all over again. LOL I started filling it w/ a bunch of embellishments.

The li’l containers hold a mish/mash of “this and that”. For this one (on the right):- the “eyes have it”. Get it?? lol

About a year ago, I had made a start, on cleaning my room, by piling a bunch of stuff into a humongous box. I dug it out and combined the items into 3 smaller boxes. Two of them are in the hall and here is one of them….

I’ve been sorting thru it, a li’l bit at a time, placing the items where their new home will be. I’m discovering what the trick is:- that if I work w/ a li’l section at a time, it’s not sooooo overwhelming. Bailey is even enjoying it, cuz there’s actually a spot for one of his li’l beds on the floor, beside me. :-)

The greatest thing about going thru the box is I’m finding things I forgot I had. Again…just like Christmas!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A message for all mothers.........

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Clean-Up --- Day 8

Wellll, production of "clean-up" ceased today. LOL We knew it was going to happen sooner or later, right?? LOL Actually, we celebrated Mother's Day today and were gone all day in doing so. :-)

Thought I would share w/ you another "Thrift Store" find:- it's actually a bath salts/lotion set. I'm using it to store beads.

When I got this li'l item (for $2.00), some of the containers were missing their lids and some of them were soooooo yucky that I had to throw them out. Sooooo, I had these bead containers already, and thought:- hmmmmmmm, I'll just put them in the front row and keep the "best" containers for the row behind. Works pretty good!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Clean-Up --- Day 7

Well, I found this day a bit discouraging. First off, I have a virus on my computer which my Virus Protector Service is deleting; however, every time I log onto the computer, I get the same message that I have this virus --- but not to worry because my Virus Protector is deleting it. Why, then, do I continuously get it?? Very frustrating. :-(

Then my craftroom is another story. The section I tackled today was the table by the window. I had no problem in cleaning off the top of the table but it was underneath that was the problem. It’s mainly all of my old-style crafting supplies. Hubby doesn’t want me to get rid of any of it because he said it was like “throwing money out the window” and, who knows, maybe I might want to do those crafts again some day. So, there they sit. I just stared at my wallhanging:- “Life is just a chair of bowlies!” Sooooooooo true!!! LOL



I wanted to showcase my “stand-by-me” craft table. It’s what I used when I didn’t have a craftroom. If you click on the pic, you can enlarge it and see what it can be used for – painting (w/ its li’l buckets); embroidery (w/ it’s li’l sections, under the flip-top lid). It even has a light. Very multi-purpose. I got it at Michael’s when they first opened up here. I would place it on either the dining room table or coffee table and then just pack it away for the next time.

Here's my Chair of Bowlies....

And my angel that looks out for me....

Here's the table again. For whatever reason, the other one wouldn't enlarge. I think it may have a LOT to do w/ the fact I switch around the pix on the post and somehow end up deleting/moving certain pertinent codes, or something. Hopefully, this one can be enlarged by clicking on it. :-) (It DOES. I just tested it) :-)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Clean-Up --- Day 6

My li'l Bailey Bud is at the groomer's today and I miss him soooooo much. :-( Soooo, I decided to tackle my craftroom whilst he was away.

You may not even be able to see what I did today but I spent 1 ½ hours doing it. :-) There was a pile of mish-mash in the corner, underneath my dress form and underneath ME’s Ann Estelle. I sorted thru all of it and got rid of most of it. I was even saving my Baby Bug box. Why? I have nooooo idea cuz I got her in 2006. Not like I could send her back in her box. LOL

Found some craft items I used to do – pre-Cricut:- embroidery, rug hooking, etc. Just packed ‘em up in a box, to decide later, if I want to keep ‘em or not.



All of the pix can be enlarged, by clicking on them. :-) Have noooooo idea why some of the others weren't working that way. :-(

Thought I would show you what was under that cover.......

This is how hubby presented it to me one Christmas. It was just after our daughter moved out and her room was completely emptied, w/ the exception of keeping her desk and corner cabinet. I thought it would be great for my craft room and it's been working out super. Hubby told me that I wasn't to go in there, under any circumstances ---- that he would be removing the wallpaper border and cleaning the carpet. I obliged, not thinking for a minute that he had gotten me this awesome sewing cabinet.

When my room is completely clean, I will show it off, w/ my sewing machine/serger. I feel its "debut" needs a clean room to do it. :-)

Here's my dress form, w/ what I call my "Cricut neckbrace" on it. We spotted it at an airport giftshop and just had to get it. Don't you think it resembles Mr. Cricut?? :-)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Clean-Up --- Day 5

Well, I was out most of the day and didn’t do toooo much in my room --- I cleaned off the chair. Yes, that was a chair underneath all of that stuff. LOL I placed my “EASY” button on it. LOL Got it at Staples and, when pushed, a guy’s deep voice says: “That was easy”! I thought it was apropos. :-)


Cropped pic to show just the chair piled high to the sky......


I found my Cricut inspiration holder. What that consists of are idea cards for the different carts I had at the beginning of my Cricut infatuation period. I only had 10 carts. If I keep this up, I’ll need to get another couple of containers. Still need to think about whether I want to go this route or not. It worked when I only had a handful of carts but not so sure it would work now. Anyway, on the index cards, are print-outs of card ideas that I got from the Cricut MB. On the back of the card is info as to what carts were used, etc.

My desk is STILL clean. Maxine is making sure it stays that way! If I put anything else on it, I have to “take it up w/ her first”. LOL

My Computer Station is still clean, too. I know……….amazing!!! LOL Oh, I just have my stamp holder on it.

So, for now, Ladybug…..out!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Clean-Up --- Day 4

My main objective today was to just clean off one of my desks but I ended up doing two, as well as the floor in front of one of the desks. The other desk still has boxes/stuff in front of it. It will all get sorted out in due time, tho. :-)

Here are some before/after pix:-


The green satchel holds my Baby Bug. I saw no point putting it out where it could've gotten dusty, etc.



I even have the correct date showing. And.....my perpetual calendar saying for today is:-
"By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures."

How apropos is that, eh? :-)



Still stuff in front of it, tho.......

My Cricut Station is STILL clean. I know......unbelievable! LOL

And......whilst I was accomplishing all of this, the "Ruler of the Roost" was watching over me. Actually, I had TWO supervisors:- Maxine.......

and Mr. Cricut, himself. :-)

See the cute stamp holder I discovered? I store some of my clear stamps in it. :-)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Clean-Up --- Day 3

Well, it’s Day 3 already. Wow, how time flies when you’re having fun. I’ve actually accomplished quite a bit. :-)

I managed to clean up the floor area in front of my sewing cabinet. Here’s the “before” pic:-

Here’s the “after” pic:-

Oooops, there IS something on the floor ---- it's li'l Bailey!! :-)

Here’s the top of the cabinet still spickety-span clean, w/ the exception of my home-made ‘Clip-it-Up’ for storing chipboard letters (until I take them out of there and put them into their real home -- see pic below, w/ the sunflowers. Their "home" is the unit underneath the Cricut carts.) And an “inspiration board” w/ Maxine at the helm. If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know that she “rules the roost”. LOL

I found the box for the Spring/Easter display tree. Yeah!!! And……the talking Christmas tree is now back home in its box. My sunflowers have replaced it.

I even took ALL of my punches out of the coloured tray stand and placed them on the punch rack.

In doing so, I found “twins”. I have two punches the same. Here they are:-

It's Martha Stewart's "gothic arches" punch.

You'll also notice that my Cricut Station is still clean. Hard to believe, eh? LOL

Soooooo, I’m going to include one of these punches, as blog candy, to one of my followers. When I reach 100 followers, I’ll draw a name. I’ll see what else I can add to the blog candy, as I go along.

Even tho my back is a li’l sore, it’s a “good” sore, because I feel good as to what I’ve accomplished. :-)

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