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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Inkadinkado Stamping Gear

When I purchased my new toy, the Inkadinkado Stamping Gear, I had a bittersweet moment.

Sweet because it’s an awesome fun tool.  Bitter because you can’t store the items in the packaging it came in.

So I thought I would share, w/ you, how I store my new toy(s).  J

Firstly, I bought the Deluxe set, w/ a 50% off coupon.  (Hooray for those!)  I have the wheels, cogs, and stamping paddle stored in a plastic shoe box.

The stamps, themselves, are stored in plastic pockets from a Cropper Hopper Photo Case --- two to a package, to save on space.

I printed off pix of the various stamp sets and inserted them into the pockets, along w/ the stamp sets.

Deluxe Set:-

Elegant Flourishes & Branches:-

I’ve taken different shots of the storage box, showing how many stamp pockets can fit inside.  I just have two extra sets, along w/ the four sets that came w/ the Deluxe set.  I plan on getting more, as they are just toooooo cute.  The designs they create are simply beautiful.  Soooo many variations.

I also printed off pix of the various designs that the various stamp sets can create.  I like having a “visual” when coming up w/ ideas.

 Would love to see what you create, if you have this fun tool.  J

Monday, September 17, 2012

Storage for Cricut Machines

Just wanted to share what I’m using to store my Cricut machines.  It’s actually a shoe rack.  My room is very teeny weeny, so I need to utilize all the space and storage ideas that I can.  J

The lower shelf of the shoe rack has been placed upside down, so it has a base for one of the Cricut machines (AE2) to sit on.  This rack fits on top of a li’l desk and hangs over the sides.  

Hubby thought of the idea of attaching C-clamps, to keep the rack steady on the desk, so it doesn’t slide around, which it had been doin’ prior to the C-clamps.  (they’re the red thingies)

The actual shoe rack.  (from COSTCO for $19.00)   I'm not using the middle shelf, so there's room to manoeuvre around the AE2. 

The top shelf will be for my Expression.  My Imagine is on its own cart, beside this li’l desk.

Another storage idea you can see in the pic, underneath the other desk, is the wire shelf unit that hubby made for me, from the left-overs of the wire cube thingies that he made my paper rack from.  J  This li’l rack houses my Iris containers of paper stacks.  Works like a charm! 

My paper rack, made w/ the wire cube thingies. 

 Hope I gave you some ideas that you might be able to use for your storage.  J

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hubby's Anniversary Card

It’s our 34th Anniversary today.  Seems like just yesterday, when we said our “I Do’s”.  J

Here’s the card I made for my sweet hubster:-


Cricut Imagine
Cricut Imagine Cartridge – Lori’s Garden
Cardstock -- white (for the Imagine)
Glue – ATG
Corner Punch
EK Punch – Real Estate
K&Company -- Glitter stickers
Pop Dots

Love the Imagine Lori’s Garden cartridge.  It has so many pretty designs on it so I knew I just had to use it for my Anniversary card.

Utilized the stock images on the Cricut Imagine, using the rounded square.  Cut it at 5” and floodfilled it w/ a solid green colour.  The patterned layer is the green floral found on p. 37 of the handbook.

The “Love You” layer is found on p. 22 of the handbook.  Pop-dotted both the layer and flower layer.

Added glitter butterfly and flower stickers.

The inside of the card is the frame found on p. 33 of the handbook.

The sentiment was computer-generated and punched out w/ the Real Estate punch.

Corner-rounded the corners of the card.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thank You card

Made this card for my dear, sweet cousin to thank him for my birthday gift.  He loves to play the guitar so I made the card, w/ “me” playing the guitar; hence, a foxy lady strummin’ a . . . thank you!  J


Cricut Imagine
Cricut Imagine Cartridge -- Ancestry
Cricut Cartridges: see below
Cardstock -- white (for the Imagine)
Glue – ATG; Zig Two-Way

Cricut Cartridges:
Birthday Bash -- fox and layers
Phrases – Thank You and layers

I used the same pattern from the Ancestry cartridge for both the card base and the background of the sentiment.  I love how the Imagine scales the patterned design to the size of the image.

Even tho the card inside had the star jutting off the sides, I decided to cut them off.  I had no plans of putting another star inside, so I thought it looked a lot nicer w/out.

I utilized the RGB codes for the color of the star, to use as a background for the sentiment.

My cousin loved his card, which put a huge smile on my face!! J

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Washi Tape give-away WINNER announced


Now to announce the winner of the Washi Tape give-away.

Drum roll, please.  .  .  .  .  .  . 

And the winner is:-

Diane has been contacted via e-mail.    Congrats, Diane!!!  Enjoy your Washi Tape!!! :-)

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