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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour

Did you participate in "Earth Hour"? If so, what did you do during your hour of darkness? Hubby took a nap, while I played on my Gypsy for 1/2 hour and then Bailey and I cuddled for the other half. We didn't fall asleep, we just snuggled and I thought of all the things I'm thankful for. :-)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Imagine Jammies

Lookie what I just got. . . . .

Isn’t it simply gorgeous?? So now my new Imagine has some jammies. I just love ‘em. The gal that made it for me is just a doll. She worked w/ me, endlessly, in picking out the fabric(s). The fabric I first chose wasn’t available anymore. So, if you’re like me --- I couldn’t get that one out of my mind and wanted something similar. :-) The ones I finally chose are awesome together! The added glittered lettering just makes it super special. I think the cover just screams "Imagine" --- with its colourful flowers, coupled w/ turquoise polka dots; gorgeous ribbon flowers and whimsical butterflies (which are on both sides, so I can see them when I enter my room and also when I'm sitting at my desk doing something else, whilst it's still covered). I have the best of both worlds. :-)

This cover is different from most, in that it has a quilted inside lining; hence, being thicker. This gives the machine more protection. This also allows me to pin on the flowers that came w/ it, and the butterflies that I added myself, to just the outside fabric, w/out the pins touching the Imagine itself.

If you would like your Imagine or any other craft machine to have some “haute couture”, you can’t go wrong in having it sewn by Ashley. :-) I have nooooo problem in singing her praises. :-)

You can find her here:-



She has different samples on her website. Her pricing is great and her customer service is exemplary!! :-)

If you end up having a cover made by her, please let me know. I would love to see it. :-)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sew Tweet Imagine Card

I made this card for a friend of mine who made something awesome for me. When I receive this beautiful item, I’ll be sure to show it to you. :-)

If she checks my blog, I don’t think she’ll “clue-in” that it’s for “her”, so I think I’m safe in showing it, now. :-)


Cricut Imagine
Cricut Imagine
Cartridge (see below)
Cricut Cartridges (see below)
Glue – regular
Double-sided Cardstock
Corner rounder
Seed beads
Wiggly eye
Hand-made pin (instructions below)

Using double-sided cardstock, I made a base card 7” x 10 ½”, folded in half, w/ the corners rounded. Added the following various items:-

Cricut Imagine Cartridge – Imagine More

Cricut Cartridges:-
3 Birds of Parade:- You’re tweet (p. 28); birdie (p. 49)
Wall Décor:- sew (p. 74)
Tear Drop:- thanks so much (p. 122)
Heritage:- sewing machine (p. 43)
Country Life:- spool (p. 65)

In order that the li’l birdie didn’t fade away into the cardstock, I hand-cut a background for him, so that he could stand out. Put li’l seed beads on the flowers.

I also printed/cut out a beautiful butterfly from Wall Décor (not for this card, tho, but so I could use up the space on the white cardstock, that I didn’t want to waste) I used the cut-out pieces that would normally be discarded and thought it would look nice on the sewing machine. I think it really adds to it. :-)

Hand-made pin:-
Head pin
Glass bead

Put the whole thing together and threaded thru the top and then behind the sewing machine, so that it looks like a sewing machine needle. You can’t see the pin on the front of the card, as it’s behind the birdie. I really like how it turned out, even if I do say so myself. :-)

Hope I’ve inspired you to make your very own “Sew Tweet” card. :-)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Latest Cricut Cartridge CheckList

Hiya. ProvoCraft has released 6 new cartridges, for their Hello Thursday, this month. They are:-

Cricut® Damask Décor Cartridge
Cricut® Elegant Edges Cartridge
Cricut® Everyday Pop-Up Cards Cartridge
Cricut® Father's Day Seasonal Cartridge
Cricut® Happy Graduation Seasonal Cartridge
Cricut® Luau Seasonal Cartridge

I have updated my Cricut Cartridge CheckList and you can find it here:-

They also released a new cartridge for the Cricut Circle Club but, because I don’t belong to the Club and I have no information of what else was provided to the Circle Club, I haven’t added them to my list.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Something to crow about. . . . . .

Well, I have something to crow about ----- I have the best hubby ever!!!!!!

Just out of the blue, my hubby bought me the Cricut Imagine machine! WhoooooHoooooo! I never thought in a kazillion years that I would be getting this new toy, so it was a total surprise. However, I won't be getting any more pressies for the rest of the year, because this pressie is for:- Easter, my Birthday, Anniversary, and Christmas. :-)

My very first project is this card that I made for him. As I'm just learning the in's and out's of this wonderful machine, it's not the best example of what it can do, but hubby loved it and that's all that matters to me, and it made me feel better about it. :-)


You'll notice that I didn't use the Imagine for the card base. I still have a lot of nice patterned paper, so I'm going to be integrating those into my Imagine designs. The paper I used is from the CostCo bundle. It's double-sided and I thought it went pretty neat w/ the Imagine design.
Cricut Imagine
Cricut Cartridges (see below)
Glue – regular; ATG
Patterned Paper
Corner rounder

Cricut Cartridges used:-
Imagine More – Something to Crow About design, p. 3
I used the layers on this design, cutting them out separately and layering them on w/ popdots.
Imagine More – Simple Joys design, p. 5
I used just the scroll design, then did a computer-generated “Crow…..” on it.

The sentiment is computer-generated, too. :-)

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