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Friday, August 13, 2010

Gift for a friend....

This is what I started with…..
This is how I embellished it…..

You can see more detail, by clicking on the images.


Cricut Expression
Cricut Design Studio – to check sizes of images
Cricut Cartridges (see below)
Glue (regular, Tacky, & Zig Two-Way for small items)
Patterned Paper
Tweezers (my new-found friend) :-)

Cricut Cartridges used:-
Pagoda – bridge fence; branches; Kanji symbols; Koi fish; Heron
Tie the Knot – smaller branches
Wild Card – sentiment on back

When I saw this li’l Geisha, I just had to get it for one of my friends. It sat around for some time, not knowing quite what to do w/ it. Then I got the Pagoda cartridge and everything finally fell into place. :-)

Everything was pretty much utilizing my Cricut cartridges, with the exception of the pool of water. I chose some patterned paper, that resembled trickling water, and just cut it to fit.

The two Kanji letters symbolize happiness and friendship.

I posted about these flowers before, so now you can see what I used them for. I added li’l pearls, using my “new-found friend”, the tweezers. Got them at the $ store and have no idea how I did w/out them, all these years. Made inserting the li’l pearls a true gem.
I put the “handmade just for you” sentiment on the back. Hope Aileen likes it!! I had a ball making it!


  1. Linda your card is beautiful. I love asian themed cards. I also like how you use the tweezers to put the pearls on the flowers. cool idea :)

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! love love THE FLOWERS!! tfs

  3. This is beautiful Linda.

    Psss, I will try to delete your entry. this is my first time using inlinks so I am not familiar with it but I know it is a way to delete entries....what a shame tough. Stunning work! your girlfriend should be very happy with it.

  4. Wow, I love this card! It is beautiful!

  5. Wow, Linda what a beautiful card!!! Love how you inserted those little beads into the flowers -- hadn't thought to use my tweezers for that -- that's for the inspiration!


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