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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blog Award. . .

Oh wow, when I was reading that the Cricut Couple received this awesome blog award, and I was about to comment how I thought they so deserved it, I noticed that they had nominated me for this award, too. I was completely blown away! Thank you soooooo much for giving me this beautiful award! :-)

Then, not much soon after, I received the same award from Stephanie. Thank you so much Stephanie! :-)

You really need to check out these two bloggers. :-)

In accepting this award I must answer the following 12 questions, and pass the award on to 10 others:
Name your favorite color? Gotta be blue.
Name your favorite song? Presently, it’s Bon Jovi’s “Make a Memory”. But I have many fav’s.
Name your favorite dessert? Chocolate Mousse
What wizzes you off at the moment? People who complain about anything and everything.
Your favorite pet? Even tho Bailey is my present furbaby, I have loved them all.
Black or white? If meaning color of clothing: then black over white. White washes me out.
Your biggest fear? drowning
Best feature? Being able to laugh at myself (which I do a LOT)
Everyday attitude? Every day is a new day!(cuz I tend to forget things a lot, everything is new once again!)
What is perfection? Yin and yang.
Guilty pleasure? Chocolate!
When you're upset? I go for a lonnnnnng walk to cool off.

This award is being passed on to:

Donna - http://donnamundinger-popsicletoes.blogspot.com/

Kelley - http://kraftieguru.blogspot.com/

Kendra - http://scrappincricut.blogspot.com/

Krystal - http://www.gettingcricky.com/

Mary - http://kreateskards.blogspot.com/

Sassy - http://sweetsassydiva-gspot.blogspot.com/

Sharon - http://craftroomtransformation.blogspot.com/

Staci - http://lizardnladybug.blogspot.com/

Tangee - http://www.kricutkrazy.com/

Theresa - http://www.thescrapbookingqueen.com/


  1. See? You just never know what I will pull on that blog! Enjoy the reward! Hee! Hee! Gotcha!

  2. Oh Linda! Thanks so much! Truly an honor. xxD

  3. Congratulations on the blog award Linda! You truely deserve it.


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