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Sunday, May 27, 2012

"An Angel for You" card

Made this "angel card" for a dear friend who is going thru a really rough time right now.

Cricut Imagine
Cricut Imagine Cartridge – see below
Cricut Cartridge – Christmas Noel (angel)
Glue – ATG; regular
Cardstock -- white (for the Imagine)
Cardstock – purple for the base
Patterned paper
Corner chomper – Cloud
Stickles -- Diamond
Pop dots

Cricut Imagine Cartridges
All Wrapped Up (patterns)
All Wrapped Up (flower – Icon 01)
Country Carnival (medallion)

The inside was computer-generated. 

When my friend received her card, she was absolutely “touched” by the whole aspect of it.  She queried me about the seven gems I placed on it and had I placed “seven” for a reason.  I replied:-  “No, I just put them helter-skelter.”  I asked why she asked that question and she told me that the No. 7 is very symbolic.  I’m thinking, now, that I was basically “guided by an angel” as to how many gems and where to place them.  Then, I decided to do some research.  This is what I discovered:-

Symbolic significance of number 7

Scripture is saturated with the Number Seven and it symbolizes completeness or perfection.  You can read more here:-

Seven --- A mystic or sacred number
Seven Champions 
Seven Deadly Sins 
Seven Heavens 
Seven Kings of Rome 
Seven Lamps of Architecture 
Seven Last Words 
Seven Liberal Arts 
Seven Names of God 
Seven Natural Wonders of the World 
Seven Sages 
Seven Seas
Seven Senses 
Seven Wise Masters 
Seventh Heaven 
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 
Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages 
Seven-year Itch 
Seven Year's War (1756-1763) 

If you wish to read about all or some of the above, you can check it out here:-

I think the next time I put gems on my cards, I’m going to check out the significance of the “numbers”. 

Anyway, w/ her very own angel(s) and all of her dear friends supporting her, she feels that she’s in “good hands” throughout this tribulation that she has been dealt.

I’d really appreciate it, if you would please send up some prayers for her.  Thanks so much! J


  1. My this is beautiful Linda. And thanks for sharing all the info on the number 7!! Amazing.

  2. Fabulous angel! I am sure It brightened your friends Day Sweet card! Following you as well. Good luck in the drawing!


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