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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Latest Cricut Cartridge Checklist - February 2013

Hiya !

Provocraft released  4 new cartridges:-

·        Cricut® Creative Cards
·        Cricut® Extreme Fonts
·        Cricut® Simple Cards
·        Creative Memories™ --Tiny Treasures

Here's my latest checklist:-

Just to remind you that, when you click on the Cartridge name in the CheckList you downloaded, it will link directly to the Cricut website, whereby you can see more info about the cartridge(s).

For newbies to my Cartridge Checklist, here's what it looks like:-

My Checklist consists of 5 different tabs in the Excel Spreadsheet (Workbook):-

• Cricut Everyday
• Cricut Events
• Cricut Imagine
• Cricut Lite
• Cricut Projects

Please note: this Checklist does not include the digital cartridges.


1 comment:

  1. Hi, Linda!!! It's been awhile and I wanted to drop by and say hello and that you've been in my thoughts.

    I've had such a difficult time the last few months and now I'm trying to get back to life, crafting and blogging. I'm hoping God just holds me in his prayers -- I really need the break... lol!

    So good to see you still up and doing what you do!!!

    I'll be back soon!



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