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Monday, June 17, 2013

My new toy:- Silhouette Cameo

Because I have a BIG birthday coming up, next month, my dear sweet hubby surprised me beforehand w/ a new toy:-  a Silhouette Cameo.  I still love my Cricuts and will never get rid of them but, having this machine, opens up a whole new world of creativity for me, and I’ve already been having a lot of fun with it.  J

Firstly, when you get your machine, you get 51 free designs; one of which is a control panel cover.  This is how I decorated my machine:-

The butterflies are vinyl cling-ons.  

For the control panel, you just choose your patterned paper and it cuts out the design.  Or, you can choose the patterned paper available online and do a “print and cut”.  I chose to just use patterned paper I already had. 

Then, I played around w/ the designs and did all of my Father’s Day cards.  I love how you can create sentiments on different shaped labels, etc.  

 Inside:-  this sentiment was cut out and then glued in place.

Inside:- same w/ this sentiment.

 Inside flap of car:-  
Inside card itself:  This sentiment was done w/ the "print and cut" feature.  It was all created on the mat in the various layers and then just cut out.  Easy peasey!  
All of the dads loved their cards, which was the best part. J

There are a gazillion designs available in the Silhouette Shop for purchase.  I chose to get a premium subscription, which allows me to download $150.00 worth of designs for just $16.00/mo., and they have new designs all the time.  The designs, themselves, are usually $1 per design.  Every week, they have a clearance section for 50 cents per design.  It is just a riot picking out this one and that one.  I feel like a kid in a candy store.  J

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  1. Hope your enjoying your Cameo! LOVE the cards!!!


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