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Monday, August 19, 2013

Latest Cricut Cartridge Check List – August 2013


Provocraft released  a whole slew of new cartridges :-

As you’ll notice, the packaging is different and it’s a lot smaller.  Reason being there are no more overlays in these cartridges.  The handbook is just a shadow of its previous self.  Here’s an example of what one looks like:-

You need to purchase a "universal overlay" to be used w/ these new cartridges.  It looks like this:-

I’m finding these new cartridges really difficult to determine which category they should go into.  I’ve put them all in the main Cricut list; however, the Home Décor Vinyl  one is in the Projects list.

·           Cricut® Charmed
·        Cricut® Create a Friend
·        Cricut® Creative Holiday Cards
·        Cricut® CTMH – Artbooking
·        Cricut® Home Décor Vinyl  Wall Art
·        Cricut® Home for the Holiday (Fall & Winter)
·        Cricut® Simple Holiday Cards
·        Cricut® Something to Remember
          Cricut® Winter Wonderland  – Anna Griffin

If I have missed any, please let me know and I will update my Checklist.


Here's my latest checklist:-
Just to remind you that, when you click on the Cartridge name in the CheckList you downloaded, it will link directly to the Cricut website, whereby you can see more info about the cartridge(s).

For newbies to my Cartridge Checklist, here's what it looks like:-

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