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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another "Attitude Award"

Wowsers! I must have REAL "tude" cuz I just received another "tude" award. (tee-hee)

This award was bestowed upon me by Wende of:- http://passionatelypaper.blogspot.com/ Thanks so much, Wende!!! :-)

You have to check out her blog as she has some awesome creations and. . . . . she has a give-away of the Cricut Gingerbread cartridge that you can enter until Dec. 5th. :-)

In order to receive this award, you have to list 3 things that give you "tude" from everyone else. Then, nominate 5 other blogs that you believe also have attitude! Lastly post this award on your blog.

My 3 things are:

1. I dislike bananas --- anything w/ bananas in ‘em (shakes, pudding, etc.) But. . . .I like banana bread and banana cake. Go figure, eh? LOL
2. I still like things that are “whimsical”, even at my age!! :-)
3. I love “owls”. My first “piggy bank” was an “owl” bank. Collected different owls ever since.

Here are the 5 “blogger friends” whom I consider have “Attitude”:-

Sharon - http://craftroomtransformation.blogspot.com/
Jen - http://www.purplescrapbooker.com/
Patricia - http://lilbitcreations.blogspot.com/
Cathy - http://iluvtomakecards.blogspot.com/
Sassy – (that’s what I call her!) - http://sweetsassydiva-gspot.blogspot.com/


  1. Congrats on your second "tude" award Linda!!

  2. Hi, this is Terri of TwoPinkPeas.Blogspot.Com and I also have an award for you. Come to my blog to grab it. Thanks SO much! Terri

  3. You have an A+ attitude in my book!!!!! :o)


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