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Friday, December 31, 2010

Clear Stamps "motherlode"

Hiya. Hope you all had a great Christmas and have fun plans for New Year's. :-)

Just wanted to share something w/ you:- I hit the motherlode for clear stamps at Wally World, aka WalMart. And. . . . . . they were ONLY $1.00 for each set. How cool is that, eh?

Sooooooo, go RUN to your nearest Wally World to see if they have some. :-)

You can click on each picture for them to enlarge.

Top left:- Build a Flower. Cute, eh?
Top right:- Talking in Circles (moms)
Bottom left:- 3 layers that you can use together, or alone, for different looks.
Bottom right:- different "Talking in Circles"

Top left:- decorative corners
Top right:- 3 layers for journaling
Bottom left:- frames, corners, swirls
Bottom right:- tickets ---- really cute!!

Top left:- Sassy Alpha -- Upper and lower case
Top right:- Free Style Alpha -- lower case
Bottom left and right:- Mix and match sentiments (2 sheets)

These stamp sets measure 6" x 7 1/2". So, they're not puny li'l ones. :-)

Good luck in finding some. Let me know which sets you were able to get. :-)


  1. happy new years friend :)and enjoy your huge haul--what a deal!!

  2. You did get some goodies! Enjoy!


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