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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Martha Stewart Punch All Over the Page

Well, I had a lot of fun playing w/ my new toy that Martha Stewart Crafts sent to me. :-)

Instead of making cards this time, I decided to just make card toppers, giving you some different ideas.

Most of the designs, w/ the exception of one, started by using a Punch Around the Page on a 3 ¼” square, layered onto a 3 ½” square. Each time, I used the Rose Window Punch All Over the Page punch in the centre. Here are the particulars:-

Punch Around the Page: Snow Flurry
Centre:- Poinsettia embellie

Punch Around the Page: Swirling Lace (the one that 10 lucky gals won!) :-)
Centre:- flower w/ brad

Punch Around the Page: Scallop 3-dot
Turned it on its side (to form a diamond)
Centre:- design on patterned paper

See below for the patterned paper I started with. Depending on what patterned paper you use, you can get some neat effects.

Here, I’m showing how easy it was to create a row of 2 punch-outs on 2 rows; hence 4 punch-outs.
Centre: glittery snowflakes
Punch Around the Page: Quilted
Centre:- used the cutout from the 4 punch-outs (above), topping w/ a rhinestone

It was the first time I noticed that there was a different looking corner on the punch set. Even tho the instructions read:- Position top over the paper so that the flat corner matches up w/ the corresponding one on the base, it really didn’t sink in what that meant. Now I know. LOL
Here’s a pic to explain it a li’l bit better:-

Martha and her creators thought of everything!!! WTG!!!

Also, w/ all of these punches, you’re left w/ other li’l embellies. W/ this punch, I’m left w/ 1 ¼” scallop circles. I don’t have a scallop punch so this is an added treat. W/ the butterfly one, you’ll have li’l butterflies. W/ the heart one --- hearts. W/ the star one --- stars. You get the idea! :-)

I have another idea in mind to show you, but this is going to take a li’l time to create. Stay tuned. :-)


  1. You are an enabler Linda!!! Love how that PAOTP looks with the Swirling Lace Punch!!! TFS...can't wait to see what you are working on.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! You are 100% correct about being my long lost twin! I have a philosophy that there's really only a few different kinds of people, we just get repeated over and over and have a few of our own little quirks to make us special. I look forward to reading more. How did you get Martha Stewart to send you a punch? I love what you've done with them! I'm following you too now. Wouldn't want to lose track of my twin! lol!


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