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Sunday, November 7, 2010

My blog has.........Attitude!!!! :-)

Wowsers! I just received a Blog Attitude Award. Now my blog and I match!!! LOL (Hubby will attest to the fact that I sometimes have an “attitude”!) Notice the opportune word “sometimes”. LOL

Terry of Iluvmybugs bestowed this award upon me and I was really touched by it. Thank you sooooo much, Terry. You have to go and check out her blog --- it’s the “bomb” !!!

Along w/ this award, comes a $5 free digi certificate from Digi’s With Attitude. How cool is that?? To accept this award and be eligible for this certificate, I have to list 3 things that make me/my blog different, and to pass it on to 5 additional bloggers. So here goes:

Firstly, I really don’t consider my blog “different” from others. I may call it “unique”, tho, in that:-

1. I’ve always loved things “whimsical”, so I try to make my blog a “fun/whimsical” place to be.
2. My original focus for my blog was to show my organization (or lack thereof!! LOL) in my craft room, hoping it would help others. Along w/ that, I’ll showcase different products, which I’ve purchased on my own. So, you can imagine my shock/amazement/thrill when a rep. from Martha Stewart Crafts contacted me to do a give-away on my li’l blog. I’m still reeling from it. :-)
3. Whenever I see a cute/whimsical button, you’ll find it’s jumped onto my blog ----to link you to its blogger’s site.

It was really difficult to choose just “5” blogger friends whom I consider have “Attitude”, but here are the ones I did choose:-

Joy:- http://joyslife.com/
Mary:- http://www.scrapbookinggrandmacrafts.com/
Shari:- http://shariscreationswiththecricut.blogspot.com/
Sharon:- http://grammashouseofcards.blogspot.com/
Tangee:- http://www.kricutkrazy.com/

So now, gals, to qualify for the $5 Digi’s with Attitude store gift certificate, you must:

* List 3 things that make you/your blog different.
* Pass this award on to 5 others.
* Display the badge/award on your sidebar, linking to the Digi’s with Attitude Challenge Blog.

Then go to http://digiswithattitudechallenges.blogspot.com/p/i-got-attitude-blog-award.html. and, once there, read the Digi's with Attitude Guidelines. Once YOU nominate 5 people (that you think have ATTITUDE) to get this award and, if they follow through with the "rules", they receive a $5 gift certificate from Digi's with Attitude!

Thanks, again, to Terry for this award and also to Digi’s with Attitude!!


  1. You are so welcome Linda! I so enjoy coming to visit your blog to see what fun ideas you have...and to see pics of Bailey, too!!!

  2. Congrats on the Blog Attitude award. I love checking out whats going on with you and Bailey :)

  3. Congratulations on your award and THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for giving an award to me too!! Linda, you're awesome!
    Super Hugs,


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