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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Project Gone Awry

Have you ever had a project take a “wrong turn”?? Well, that happened to me, today, and thought I would share w/ you, how I managed to salvage it.

I wanted to make the “Cupcake Card” from the Cricut Wild Card cartridge. However, I wasn’t that excited about the actual cupcake on the card, so decided to utilize my Cricut Design Studio and change it up a bit.

The size of the cupcake was too small for my liking and it didn’t have much “punch” to it, so I designed a topper and wrapper in Cricut Design Studio, using the Home Décor cartridge that has a much cuter cupcake. I skewed the top and bottom, which turned out to be a lot larger than the original cupcake. I still liked the look of it. Wasn’t that happy, also, w/ the candle, so used the candle from the Celebrations cartridge, as it had a “heart” candle.

Also placed a li’l piece of red paper behind the heart, so it was showing up “red”. (see bottom pic) Cute, huh?? :-)

I first cut out the envelope, as you’re advised to do w/ the Wild Card cartridge. Can you see where this is going??? Yeppers, seeing as I enlarged the cupcake, it now wasn’t going to fit into the envelope. Ooops! Now what? Well, I had a brown envelope that was 6.5” x 9”, so chopped off a bit at the bottom, resealed it using my ATG and then wrapped the Wild Card envelope around the bottom of it.

Added a “Happy Birthday” (HB) sentiment, using the Martha Stewart HB punch. Didn’t end up looking too bad, if I did say so myself. LOL

Here you can see how the Cupcake Card will NOT fit into that teeny envelope. :-(

Front of new envelope, where I added the Wild Card envelope. . . .

Back of envelope. . . . .

Now, my chunky cupcake snugly fits into the envelope.

Cricut Expression
Cricut Design Studio
Cricut Cartridges (see below)
Martha Stewart punch – Happy Birthday
Martha Stewart Score Board
Glue – regular; ATG
Patterned Paper

Cricut Cartridges used:-
Wild Card – Cupcake card and envelope
Home Décor – top and wrapper of cupcake; shadows of same
Celebrations – heart candle

Just goes to saying:- when life gives you lemons, make……lemonade ORRRRR another envelope! :-)

I've attached the Design Studio cut file, for anyone who would like it. I'll also place it in my "Free Files" section.

Cupcake Card cut file:-


  1. This is very nice Ladybug very creative thanks for sharing!!

  2. great idea fro gift card holders, glad you were able to fix your problem in such a cute way!

  3. May have "went" array, but you sure turned it into a cutie project.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, my dear friend!


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