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Saturday, February 12, 2011

My new craft work area

Hiya! Hope you're all having a nice week-end. Hubby put the finishing touches on my computer workstation. He added some 1/4" thick pegboard to the back of it. And. . . . . we were able to get it for only 75 cents at our local Rona store. How cool is that, eh? A whole sheet is around $19.00, which we didn't at all need, so we checked the "leftovers" bin and there it was --- just calling out our name. :-)

I'm very happy w/ the end result. As you can see, my revolving rack fits very nicely in its spot beside the desk. You'll see some vacant space to the left of the desk. That's so the corner cabinet door is able to open fully. I can still store some things on the floor beside the desk, as the door is only the top half of the corner cabinet. Maybe sweet li'l "Ann Estelle" (Mary Engelbreit doll) can perch there. You can see her backside in the pic below. :-)

Don't forget that you can enlarge the pix, by clicking on them. :-)

So, here's the computer station which is now going to be my "Card Creating Station". I can pull out the keyboard tray and use that as extra creating space. I'm using the CD holder area to store my "Nestabilities". (I only have 4 sets, which are stored in CD cases.) I'm also going to store some clear stamp sets that I've also got in CD cases.

I still have a shelf that needs to go into the left-hand bottom area but I haven't quite decided what I'm going to store in there yet. So that will have to wait.

And. . . . . here's my revolving rack in all of its glory. (LOL) I made a sign topper for it. I've also made/created a new WORD:- "paraphernali". I know it should have an "a" on the end, being "paraphernalia" but that doesn't rhyme w/ "miscellany". LOL

Here's a closer view of it. . . . .
You can see that I've got some chipboard boxes in the racks. And. . . .thanks to all of you who provided me w/ other suggestions, I'm sure it will be filled in no time. :-)

So, if you have a small room like I do, you can still juggle things around so that things will fit.

1 comment:

  1. Hiya, Linda! Wow, everything looks wonderful and your dear hubby did a wonderful job on the workstation.

    I got back home yesterday evening, and I just wanted to pop in to say "hello", and catch up on anything I might have missed. I'll be back later; right now I'm trying to get around to everyone! Okay, I'll see you later!

    Hugs, my sweet friend!


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