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Monday, February 14, 2011

Sewing room

Hiya! Happy Monday! and. . . . . Happy Valentine's Day!!! :-) Hope you get to spend it w/ your sweetie!!! :-)

I always refer to my "haven" as my "craft/sewing room". Well, I'm now going to showcase the "sewing" part of it. It just takes up one wall, whereby my craft section takes up 3 walls and the middle. :-)

You may have seen this pic before. It's the wall directly to the left, as you enter the room. It has a sewing cabinet against the wall. It's a "Horn" cabinet that the front flips out and over, to house a Serger. It has a 3-position air-lift mechanism for my sewing machine, which is awesome. More pix later.

Here's "Schweetheart" (a Ty baby that used to belong to my DD). He now guards my sewing section. :-) To the right, is my corner cabinet that houses my sewing fabric and notions.

You can also see (CLICK on the pix to enlarge them!) a Singer sewing machine that I got when I was a child. (I started early!) :-)

Here's a close-up of the wallhanging I made. It has pockets for various notions. It was a blast making it.

Here's the top of the sewing wall. Hubby put up my "sewing machine" spool rack yesterday. Yeah!!!! :-)

Here it is, fully stocked w/ embroidery and serger thread. A friend of mine designed the pattern for it and then her hubby jigsawed it out. Cute, eh??? I'm pondering painting it black and then jazzing it up w/ some embellies. But, still mulling that over.

Here's my sewing cabinet. Ohhhhh, what's that on the floor??? Did I drop something?? Nooooooo, it's just li'l Bailey. LOL Isn't he just the most adorable li'l thing, ever??? :-)

OMG, there's actually a sewing machine in that cabinet. LOL Its very FIRST unveiling. ;-)

The right side flips up to give more area to work. Then the back flips up for a cutting area. I just LOVE that cabinet. Hubby totally surprised me w/ it one Christmas. DD had just moved out and her room was "up for grabs". Sooooo, I grabbed it. LOL First, had to remove wall paper, posters, you know the drill. LOL Hubby told me to stay out of the room, as he was going to clean the carpet, so I very willingly obliged. LOL Christmas came and we opened our presents. Then he told me there was one more pressie for me. He took me to DD's old room and, lo and behold, there was my new sewing cabinet, w/ a HUGE burgundy bow on it and w/ the Sewing Machine in it, along w/ the Serger. (it's housed in a pull-out drawer on the bottom left) What an absolute sweetheart, eh? :-) I think he's definitely a "keeper"!! :-)
Oh, I found a pic of the "wrapped present". :-)

Oh my, there's actually a sewing machine underneath there. LOL

Here's the cloth cover I made for it. It still needs to have the bottom completed. If you enlarge the pic, you can see that I used puff paint for the bottom of the sewing machine and other spots. All of the designs have been appliqued on the cover. That's mainly what I enjoy/love sewing ---- crafty thingies.

Here's the top of the cover, where I was playing around w/ some embroidery stitches.

I've never sewn a dress or any other outfit. I've mainly embroidered T-shirts, napkins and, not to forget, my wallhanging. I could previously only use my sewing machine on either the kitchen or dining room table for. . . .years, so it didn't really get much use. Now that I have my craft/sewing room, I'll be able to play w/ it a lot more.

I have the Customizer 2000 for it but have never played w/ it. Go figure, eh? LOL Can't rush into these things, you know. LOL Thank heavens they've done "upgrades" that one can download off the Net for it. :-) For those that don't know, the Customizer allows one to download clipart (or other embroidery designs) off the Net and then convert them into embroidery designs. They have since come out w/ machines that are totally computerized. I don't have a need to upgrade to one of those, as I'm very happy w/ the Janome 9000, that I have. :-)

Hope you enjoyed my li'l "sewing corner". Just goes to show you what you can fit into a teeney room.

I'm working on doing an updated "room lay-out", so you can readily see how my room is laid out. And. . . . . .one day soon, I'll tackle doing a video of my room. Have never done a video before, so it'll be quite the challenge but, at the same time, a lot of fun. Stay tuned. :-)


  1. I LOVE your new thread holder!! That is so neat! And yes, you do have a 'keeper'. What an awesome gift. :) Thanks for sharing your 'corner'!

  2. What a great sewing corner! I love all the customized and homey things you have in there!

  3. I love your sewing corner. Your wall hanging is absolutely beautful.


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