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Thursday, December 31, 2009

I hope that 2010 brings you

health and happiness!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa came early.....

Santa must've had a hard day, cuz I found him asleep under the tree.Oh wait, that's not "Santa", it's. . . . . . . .li'l Bailey dressed up like Santa! :-)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Some more decorations....

Another one of hubby's Santas......

I love the "12 days of Christmas"; hence, some ornaments depicting the theme....
My singing Christmas tree, in my craft/sewing room. It literally scares the beegibees out of me everytime I put on the light, cuz it activates the cute li'l guy. :-)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Outside pic...

Not sure whether you can see this pic, or not, but it was taken at night (so one could see the automated lighted "Mr. Snowman", tipping his hat to passers-by). This was our first skiff of snow.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our tree is up! Yeah!!

Hubby is the "puter-upper" of the tree. ;-) He's been "under the weather" for a couple of weeks but he finally got the energy to do his yearly duty. :-) (I'm the one that takes everything down.) It looks really pretty with all of the lights twinkling.

For whatever reason, the colour is "off" in this pic. --- the background is not "pink". LOL

Here's a couple of closeups of some of the ornaments. When our daughter was at home, the tree always had hand-made ornaments. (first, made by me and then our daughter added her creations). Now, we just have store-bought.

Hubby is a collector of "Santa's". This is one he got last Christmas for 70% off the reg. price. Can't beat that ;-)

I'm a collector of "angels". Here is one of them......

Santa has a new li'l reindeer.....

It was only $10.00 for a CD of 10 pix. Each one was cuter than the last one but I might be a li'l bias. LOL All of the proceeds went towards an "animal rescue" group, which made it all the better. :-)

I don't think Rudolph has anything over Bailey!
Don't you agree? ;-)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hurrah! I now know how to make my pictures larger.

You can now see these pix "LARGER", by clicking on each picture.

Thanks, Lorrie!! I would never have been able to figure out how to make pix larger, if it hadn't been for you! Be sure to check out Lorrie's blog here. She has some awesome creations!! ;-)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More pix and instructions for my entry....

Cover: (Angel Magic) – Created using Lyrical Letters, using the Loop Dee Loo font, cut at 2” for each letter. Used halo for dotting “i”, using “angel-s” (Shift/Headwear) from Paper Doll Dress Up (p.75), cut at 5” (even though it doesn’t look like it).

First Page:- (computer-generated)
"Angels have magical powers. When you have an angel by your side, you’re never alone. I discovered this when I was going through some difficult medical problems. I would look at my “angel wall” where “angels gather” and I would gain strength, comfort, and know that things were going to get better. In my case, though, my angels had to “work overtime” on me. LOL

We all have angels -- if we would all only believe in them! They come in all shapes and sizes, as depicted by my book. I would like to dedicate this book to “my angels”."

Last Page:-
Angel Quotes (title computer-generated)

Amazing how we can
light tomorrow with today.
~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

You’ll meet more angels on a
winding path, than on a straight one.
~Daisey Verlaef

Angels are messengers, but sometimes
we misunderstand their language.
~Linda Solegato

We're all kissed by angels, but
some of us never think to pucker.
~Amethyst Snow-Rivers

An angel can illuminate the thought
and mind of man by strengthening
the power of vision.
~St Thomas Aquinas

If you can't hear the angels,
try quieting the static of worry.
~Valentine Sterling

If one looks closely enough, one can
see angels in every piece of art.
~Adeline Cullen Ray


Snow Angel (title computer-generated)

Created the following from Winter Woodland:- snowwoman using “snwoman” (p.47), cut at 5”; hat, scarf and heart using “snwomn-s” (p.47), cut at 5”; wings using “branch” from Stamping, cut at 1 ¼” (used ‘Snow Writer on the wing leaves); snowflakes from Winter Woodland using “snwfl 1, 2, 3, and 4” (pgs. 32, 33, 34, 35) with Layers, cut at 1”; other snowflakes using “snwflk” from Christmas Cheer (p.106), cut at 1 ¼”; used Martha Stewart glitter on hat and heart.

Created “Snow Magic” title:- for “Snow” using “snowDay” (p. 70) from Winter Woodland, cut at 2 ¼” (just used “snow”, not “day”); for “magic” (p. 68) using “MgcWntr” from Winter Woodland, cut at 3” (just used “magic”, not “of Winter”); snowflake for inside “O”, used “snowDay”/layers.

Border was trimmed using Martha Stewart border punch.
Cricut Angel (title computer-generated)

Created the “one and only” Cricut angel using “body” from Storefront, cut at 4”; wings using “rghtWing” x 2 from Indie Art, cut at 1 ¾”.

Created Ms. Ladybug (me!) using “ldybg 1-s” (Flip/Blackout feature) from Walk in My Garden (p.118), cut at 1”.

Sentiments were computer-generated, with inked edges. Hard to see them in the pix, tho.
Cricut: "has helped me many a time forget my worries, through crafting"
Ladybug: "ME; My "username" is Ladybug, but I'm no angel! :-) "
Earth Angel (title computer-generated)

Created my girlfriend, using the following:- body using “tree2” (Shift/shadow) from Christmas Cheer (p.91), cut at 4”; head using “pumpkn” from Doodlecharms (p.120), cut at 2”; hat using “dresup-s” (Shift/Headwear) from Paper Doll Dress Up (p.38), cut at 4”; hair using “cnftti-s” (Shift/Shadow) from Celebrations (p.109), cut at 2” and 2 ½”; wings using “prsnt2-s” x 2 (but flipping second image) from Christmas Cheer (p.114), cut at 2”; legs using “elf-s” (Shift/Accessories 1) from Paper Doll Dress Up (p. 74), cut at 2”; shoes using “promgl” (Accessories 1) from Paper Doll Dress Up (p.33), cut at 3” (even though it doesn’t look like it); hands using “hand” x 2 (flip) (Shift/Under Pressure) from Don Juan (p.47), cut at ¾”; “Friends for Life” using “frnds4Lf” (shadow) from Stamping, cut at 1 ½”.

Sentiments were computer-generated, with inked edges. Used flower and brad on hat.

Angel Wall (title computer-generated)

Photographs of my “angel wall” in bedroom; framed using “Fanci♥Folds picture frames, laminated using “YourStory laminating and binding machine”.

Sentiment was computer-generated, with inked edges.
Garden Angel (title computer-generated)

Created angel using “angel 1” from Christmas Noel, cut at 5”; wings using “holly” x 2 (flip feature) from Christmas Noel, cut at 3”; flower pot using “flwrpt” and “flwrpt-s” from Walk in My Garden (p. 91), cut at 1 ¼”; rose using “rose2” from Walk in My Garden (p.98), cut at 2”.

Sentiment was computer-generated. Border was trimmed using Martha Stewart border punch.

Pet Angel (title computer-generated)

Created pawprint using “Pluto3” and “Pluto 3-s” from Mickey and Friends (p.87), using Icon and Shift Icon, cut at 1 ½”; wings using “angel 1-s” from Christmas Noel, cut at 4” (cut down to size); halo using “angel-s” (Shift/Accessories 2) from Paper Doll Dress Up (p.75), cut at 5” (even though it doesn’t look like it).

Created “pet title” using pawprint “Pluto3-s” x 3, from Mickey and Friends (p.87) using Shadow:Base/Icon, cut at ¾”; using letters from Winter Woodland: all on “Shift/font shadow”:- “skate-s” (p. 51); “bldg3” (p.44); “snowman” (p.46), cut at ½”, on low speed.

Created wings for Bailey using “angel 1-s” from Christmas Noel, cut at 4”.

Sentiments were computer-generated, with inked edges.

Bailey was a photograph.
Christmas Angel (title computer-generated)
– not shown in “images” because of limit of only 3 images.

Created angel using “angel 2” (Flip) from Christmas Noel, cut at 5”; wings were glittered with Martha Stewart glitter.


The best and most
beautiful things in the
world cannot be seen or
even touched. They must
be felt with the heart.
~Hellen Keller
If trouble hearing Angels song with thine ears, try listening with thy heart.
~Meriel Stelliger
Music is well said to be the speech
of angels.
~Thomas Carlyle

Each computer-generated and inked edges.

Teddy Bear Angel (title computer-generated)
– not shown in “images” because of limit of only 3 images.

Created teddy bear using “bear” from Christmas Noel, cut at 4”; wings using “wings” from Pink Journey, cut at 2”.


"Everyone loves teddy bears,
as I did when my sweet
husband would give me one
for different occasions.
When I became ill, he gave
me a “teddy bear angel”,
which became extra special!
(a teddy bear to cuddle,
with the touch of an “angel”)"

My entry in the YourStory/Cricut contest

Well, I didn't win but I was very happy w/ how my abum turned out. It was more how "meaningful" it was to me, instead of how it actually looked.

Soooo, here are the pix I submitted. I'll take pix of the entire album and post later.
Make sure you check out the winners' projects here
You'll also see all of the entrants and some wonderful, creative projects.
I wish I knew HOW to show the pictures LARGER, when clicked on them. If someone knows, please describe how to do this in the "comment section". Thanks! :-)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bailey's new duds...

It was really blustery here today so Bailey got to wear his new duds --- a cute li'l corduroy jacket. Doesn't he look as "cute as a button"?? ;-)

He also has a rainjacket and......................are you ready for it?? -- a Santa outfit. Yeppers! He's gonna be "Jolly Ol' Bailey" (tee-hee), but you'll have to wait 'til Christmas to see that pic. ;-)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bailey was a "HERO", today!

My li'l Bailey Bud never ceases to amaze me. This morning he was a "hero" in our neighbourhood. A li'l pup had escaped from an older couple who were at their wit's end of getting him back into the yard. They even called their daughter who drove over but she couldn't even catch him. He was just racing around the neighbourhood.

Then Bailey and I happened on the "scene". The li'l pup immediately ran to Bailey, but they still couldn't grab their pup. Sooooooo, Bailey marched into their garage, w/ the pup following him. They immediately closed the garage door, trapping him inside. Then they opened the door to the house, let him in, thanked us profusely, and Bailey got a treat for being a "hero". :-)

You should've seen him pouncing down the street, and then continuously looking back at me, as if saying:- "I did good, eh, momma?" Tooooo cute! ;-)

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Pink Stamper's new announcement

You are NOT going to believe this, but Robyn, The "Pink Stamper" has a DVD. That's right. I've placed an order and you may want to, too!! You can purchase this li'l gem on Custom Crop's website:- http://www.customcrops.com/

Here's what this li'l gem looks like:-Isn't it just the cutest li'l thing, ever? Her videos have always been inspiring and now you'll be able to have your very own DVD. BTW, I'm not getting a commission for advertising this. :-)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Martha Stewart Score Board

Yeahhhh! I finally got a score board. I soooo wanted to get the original ScorPal, but it was waaaaay too expensive ($50.00+) and I couldn't justify spending that money for just a scoring tool. Then, dear sweet Martha came out w/ her version of a score board. In my opinion, I find this one a lot better as it has the 1/8 inch increments. Those who have the ScorPal were missing this feature on theirs. Plus.....Martha's board comes w/ an envelope template. Even tho some people have said that, when scoring, they go out of the track --- when I tried mine, I didn't have that problem at all. (You may be able to see the score lines on the orange cardstock, in the 3rd. pic.) My guess is that they were used to a deeper groove on the ScorPal and, when they were pushing on the Martha one, the scoring tool was slipping out of the track. But I absolutely LOVE mine.

I did have one li'l problem w/ it tho:- that was the fact that the envelope template is really tight in it's li'l holder on the back of the board. Soooooo tight that it's really hard to pull out and I discovered that others had the same problem.

But....I solved that li'l problem by getting a zippered container for the Board. I keep the envelope template in a zippered compartment in the container. Works like a charm!!

To give you an idea of what it all looks like, check this out.....
Scrapboook portfolio was only $9.00. (yeahhh!) It's made by "Generations" and I purchased it from our Great Canadian Dollar Store.

When opened:- the left side in the pic shows an accordion pocket folder for 12" x 12" paper. The score board fits perfectly in this zippered portfolio. (shown on the right) Just flip the left side over the right side, zipper it up and you're "good to go"! ;-)

The right side in the pic shows two zippered compartments. One where I store the envelope template; while the other has the pamphlet of ideas/instructions how to make various cards. Seeing as I'm a "keeper of all things" as you can see from my craft/sewing room (LOL), I also kept the cardboard backing to the package, as it has the instructions for making the envelopes. The score board has a compartment (top front) for storing your scoring tool. Also, inside the compartment was a sticker of a chart showing you the different dimensions needed for different cards, along w/ where to score. This chart was "stickered" on the inside lid of the compartment but I found it really hard to see, so I moved it to the top of the compartment. Works a lot better for me! You might be able to see it in the above pic.

All in all, I LOVE my new Martha Stewart scoring board. It was regular $30.00 (here in Canada). I believe it's only $20.00 in the USA. I used a 50% off coupon at Michael's and got the li'l gem for only $15.00. Can't beat a deal like that.

Thank you MARTHA STEWART for coming up w/ this great tool!!! ;-)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New addition to my li'l room

Oh my, where am I ever going to put this li'l gem? Oh I'm sure I'll find a spot. (LOL) I couldn't pass it up, cuz it was only $10.00. I'm going to use it for my "Cricut Station", storing my "E", Create, and Juke Boxes. It's on castors, so can be moved around, as well. And....hopefully I can get the lonnnnnng Juke Box cord, so I'll really be in business. ;-)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bailey's 2nd birthday!

It's my Bailey Bud's 2nd birthday today! We had a party for him at the park, where we go every morning to meet his friends. They were all given birthday "goodie bags", which was a big hit! Our mailman has dubbed this park/time as "Dog Town". :-)

Here are some pix to show the highlights of his day:-

All by myself.....

Then, some friends showed up.....

Momma -- I think there's someone behind me!!


I tried to take a "group photo" but that was just not a "happening thing", as you'll see from the following pix! :-)



Who wants a treat out of their "goodie bag"?




Me and my precious, Bailey....


After all of that fun and then our lonnnnnng walk,
Bailey came home to some birthday treats.....

He wasn't really sure what to do with them....

Then he figured it out :-) ....

Ahhhh, Momma -- you want to take ANOTHER picture??
I was just catching a "dog nap" after my fun day! ;-)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My PIX are baaaaack!! Yeah!! :-)

Well, I did it! It wasn't an easy chore, neither!! :-)

I may have just gone about it a lonnnnnng way, but at least it worked. Phew!!

If anyone else runs up against this problem (hopefully, you don't!) but this is how I accomplished it:-

Because the pix on my blog were a complete mish-mash and I had noooooo idea "which picture was which", I went to my PhotoBucket account and copy/pasted all of the HTML codes of my pix into a Word document.

e.g. Page 1; #1 html coding; #2 html coding; etc.

Then I went back to my blog into the "Edit" section and saw which photo numbers had been used. I then went into my Word document, did a "search" for the matching number and then copy/pasted into my blog entry. A very time-consuming job but at least I was able to retrieve them all. Took me over 2 hours! :-(

I'd love to hear about any easier methods, you'd like to share.

Monday, October 26, 2009

OMG --- my pix are gone!!!

OMG --- what a shock to my system to see my pix removed from my blog ---- all because (I'm guessing) I sorted my pix on PhotoBucket into categories. I had noooooo idea they would vanish from my blog.

I'm going to see if I can reinsert them. Man, that's going to be a job and a half but.....I will do it. My blog looks verrrrrry sad right now! (as I am!) :-(

Soooooo, anyone who has a PhotoBucket account and has pix on their blog and then moves them into a different category/title ---- this is what you may expect to happen. I'm going to go and have a good cry right now!! Waaaaaaa! :-(

Saturday, October 17, 2009

How to Add a Blinkie to your Blog

I have been struggling with how to do this for some time now. Finally, I figured it out. For those who have been in the "same boat" as me, you don't need to fret anymore. LOL

How to Add a Blinkie to Your Blog

1. Right-click on the blinkie of your choice. Save it to your computer.
2. If you haven't already, sign up at an image hosting site. I use PhotoBucket.com. Then upload your image to PhotoBucket. Once it is uploaded, it will give you three different codes.
3. Click in the box with the HTML code, to highlight. Right-click copy.
4. Go your blog. (for Google Blogger, click on Customize, then choose Layout, then Page Elements.
5. Now choose Add & Arrange Page Elements.
6. Click on Add a Gadget
7. In the Basics section, choose HTML/JavaScript
8. Paste the HTML code in the Content Box. (You can give it a title or you can leave the Title blank.) Then, just click Save.
9. Voila – a blinkie saved to your blog.

EDIT:- okee dokee. That didn't quite work. When clicking on it, it just brought me back to the Photobucket site. I guess I'll have to continue working on this. Sorry!! :-(

ANOTHER EDIT:- OMG --- By George, I think she's GOT IT!! What I ended up doing was this:-

Take the HTML code that you copied from PhotoBucket (as in No. 3 above) but copy/paste it into Word. Then delete the PhotoBucket URL and replace it with the blinkie's site URL.

e.g. Christmas with the Cricut (this is how all of this started. I sooooo wanted this on my blog)

NOTE:- I tried to show this via copying/pasting the URL's into this post but it kept showing up w/ only the image. I even put **'s in the coding but it was smart enough to delete them and correct the coding and then show the image again. It was quite funny, actually. LOL

But it did work! Hopefully, it will work for you, too! I hope my instructions weren't tooooo convoluted! You can let me know in the "comments" section, if you had any problems. Good luck!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Above Rubies Studio

There’s another “New Kid in Town” --- Above Rubies Studio

You have got to check out this website. Megan not only has great videos, but she created a 22-page cutting guide for one of our favourite toys, the Cricut. This guide lists all of the different papers that can be cut with the Cricut, plus the settings to use for the cuts. Totally amazing and she’s offering it to anyone, for free. How sweet is that, eh? So, click HERE to take you there.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Received my cart!

Yeah!! I received the Pink Journey cartridge that I won on the Christmas With the Cricut site. Thank you to ProvoCraft/Cricut for supplying this winning cartridge.

If you go to their site HERE, you may win some goodies, too!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cricut cart. give-away

Did you know that Cricut is giving away 100 Cartridges? That's right! To celebrate the creation of their 100th cartridge, they are giving away 20 cartridges (Winter Woodland) a week for the next five weeks. They are now on their final week.

Check out this link:-

Friday, September 25, 2009

More pix of my craft/sewing room

showing top shelf of my bookcase.....

My sewing side. My DD drew/coloured the picture on the wall, for Mother's Day. It says: "Linda's craft/sewing room". She was a young teen when she created it.

wall hanging I made.....

another side of the room.....

CD case, I got on eBay, that houses my sewing design cards. (where you see CARDS, these are actual li'l spots for pix, but I used letters instead)

Monday, September 21, 2009

My ATG storage unit

This was originally a hairdryer/curling iron holder and has now been repurposed as my ATG gun and adhesive roll holder.

My brad, eyelet, misc. storage




Unit was purchased at Home Hardware (in Canada). I'm sure you can find this, or something similar, at either WalMart or any hardware store.

My Cuddlebug Folder storage...

3-ring zippered binder.....

Can't really see it in the pic, but I have pix of each folder
-- in the middle of each page

The pic of each large folder is in the bottom inside corners
[again, a li'l hard to see properly. Sorry! :-( ]

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