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Monday, November 29, 2010

Eagles Tribute Band

If you're an "Eagles" fan, you will really like this tribute band:-

Here's a sampling of what they sound like. The drummer sounds just like Don Henley! They are totally amazing. That was hubby's treat, after his party. :-)

Before you click on the video, don't forget to go down to my I-Pod (at the bottom of this column) and turn it OFF. :-)

Here's their website, where you can hear another tune:-


If they're ever in your neck of the woods and you go and see them, you won't be disappointed !! :-)

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Today, is my hubby's birthday. We celebrated on Saturday w/ a surprise party. You should've seen the look on his face when he saw 27 family/friends awaiting him. It was priceless. :-)

I was sooooo scared that the party wasn't going to be a "go" because of our snow situation. But. . . .an angel was definitely watching over us and made the snow disappear the day before and --- it's still "missing in action". Yeah!!!

We're off to have a "birthday breakfast". I have more to tell you later. !! :-)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Project Gone Awry

Have you ever had a project take a “wrong turn”?? Well, that happened to me, today, and thought I would share w/ you, how I managed to salvage it.

I wanted to make the “Cupcake Card” from the Cricut Wild Card cartridge. However, I wasn’t that excited about the actual cupcake on the card, so decided to utilize my Cricut Design Studio and change it up a bit.

The size of the cupcake was too small for my liking and it didn’t have much “punch” to it, so I designed a topper and wrapper in Cricut Design Studio, using the Home Décor cartridge that has a much cuter cupcake. I skewed the top and bottom, which turned out to be a lot larger than the original cupcake. I still liked the look of it. Wasn’t that happy, also, w/ the candle, so used the candle from the Celebrations cartridge, as it had a “heart” candle.

Also placed a li’l piece of red paper behind the heart, so it was showing up “red”. (see bottom pic) Cute, huh?? :-)

I first cut out the envelope, as you’re advised to do w/ the Wild Card cartridge. Can you see where this is going??? Yeppers, seeing as I enlarged the cupcake, it now wasn’t going to fit into the envelope. Ooops! Now what? Well, I had a brown envelope that was 6.5” x 9”, so chopped off a bit at the bottom, resealed it using my ATG and then wrapped the Wild Card envelope around the bottom of it.

Added a “Happy Birthday” (HB) sentiment, using the Martha Stewart HB punch. Didn’t end up looking too bad, if I did say so myself. LOL

Here you can see how the Cupcake Card will NOT fit into that teeny envelope. :-(

Front of new envelope, where I added the Wild Card envelope. . . .

Back of envelope. . . . .

Now, my chunky cupcake snugly fits into the envelope.

Cricut Expression
Cricut Design Studio
Cricut Cartridges (see below)
Martha Stewart punch – Happy Birthday
Martha Stewart Score Board
Glue – regular; ATG
Patterned Paper

Cricut Cartridges used:-
Wild Card – Cupcake card and envelope
Home Décor – top and wrapper of cupcake; shadows of same
Celebrations – heart candle

Just goes to saying:- when life gives you lemons, make……lemonade ORRRRR another envelope! :-)

I've attached the Design Studio cut file, for anyone who would like it. I'll also place it in my "Free Files" section.

Cupcake Card cut file:-

Monday, November 22, 2010

Punch All Over the Page Aperture Card

Greetings everyone. This card was inspired by our latest beautiful weather. We got snow!!! :-)

Do you 'member a while back when I used the Martha Stewart Circle Cutter to cut various sized circles and then used the Swirling Lace corner punch all around it? See below.

Well, I thought how about using the Punch All Over the Page (PAOTP) on one of those circles. So, I chose the 3" circle, and used the Rose Window PAOTP.

Can you see a li'l white semi-circle shape in the bottom of the PAOTP circle? TBA later. :-)

The card base is 5" x 10", folded. The top layer is 4.75" square. Used the Snow Flakes Cuttlebug folder. Used the PAOTP through both the cardstock and patterned paper on top. Didn't place exactly in the centre -- a little more to the top of the card. Attached the PAOTP 3" circle.

Well, let's see what that li'l semi-circle shape might be:-
It's a li'l snowman peeking through! :-)

Used the Snowflakes Cuttlebug folder on the inside of the card, and then utilized the plastic that houses a Cricut cartridge, for the "window" effect.

Used the DecoArt Snow Writer on the white ripped paper. See how it sparkles? There are various Snow Writers --- one that's just plain white and this one, which glistens.

Pop-dotted the snowman on top and added a computer-generated sentiment.


Glue (regular & ATG)
Patterned Paper
MS Punch All Over the Page – Rose Window (centre of card and circle)
MS Corner Punch – Swirling Lace (around the circle)
Cuttlebug folder – Snowflakes
DecoArt Glistening Snow Writer – snow
Cricut cartridge packaging – window
Pop dots – snowman
Sentiment – computer generated

Love how I can now make "aperture" cards --- anywhere on the page, thanks to the MS Punch All Over the Page punches!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

For Owl Lovers

If you love OWLS as much as I do, you will absolutely LOVE this website. It has oodles of different types of owls such as:- crafts, art, designs, etc. etc.


I just happened on it by complete fluke, and sooooo glad I did. One of the things that really caught my eye was that you could make your very own 2011 Owl Calendar, utilizing absolutely gorgeous artwork created by 30 amazing artists.

Here's the link:- http://www.myowlbarn.com/p/owl-lover-2011-calendar.html

And here's what the cover looks like:-

There are other freebies such as:- toys, tags, iron on transfers, masks, embroidery pattern, desktop wallpaper, and so much more! Something for everyone!! :-) Enjoy!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Iris Folding" using Punch All Over the Page

Happy week-end everyone. Sorry I haven’t been around for a couple of days but, not only was I having “printer” problems, I was also having probs. w/ my camera. Nothing was working the way it should’ve. :-( Finally got everything fixed, so now I can post the other “project” I had prev. mentioned.

When I FIRST saw the Punch All Over the Page punch, my li’l mind immediately zeroed in on doing “Iris Folding” w/ it. If you’re not familiar w/ this technique, I’ve included instructions.

Here’s my outcome:-



Punch All Over the Page:- Rose Window
Corner Punch:- Swirling Lace
Martha Stewart Score Board
Glue:- ATG
Patterned Paper
Corner Rounder
brad (for centre)
Iris folding template (which I've included)

Card base is 5” x 10”, folded. First layer is 4” x 4”, punched w/ the Swirling Lace corner punch. Top layer is 3 ¼” x 3 ¼”, punched w/ the Swirling Lace corner punch. Centre punched w/ the Rose Window punch. Then the Iris folding.


Iris folding refers to a technique where folded strips of colored or patterned paper are layered in a spiral pattern behind an aperture. It is called Iris Folding because it resembles the iris of a camera.

There are several free iris folding templates on the Internet.

To make your iris folded greeting card, you will need:

* scissors
* scraps of decorative paper in various colors, cut in 1" strips, and folded in half lengthwise. This is where my scoreboard came in really handy!! :-) Some instructions say to cut the strips into 1"x3" strips, but I like to leave it in a long strip and then just cut off the lengths I need, as I go.). * Scotch tape
* colored cardstock.
* a template or pattern for cutting an aperture in the colored cardstock. (A Coluzzle, Sizzix, or Cricut also work very well for this.) But I used the new Punch All Over the Page punch. Yeah!!! Martha!! for creating this li’l gem!
* Iris folding template

Step 1
Cut out an aperture in the colored cardstock.

Step 2
Position the card with the aperture cut-out over your iris folding template, face down. You will be working on the back side of the card.

Step 3
Tape the card to the template using non-permanent tape. Masking tape works well for this.

Step 4
Arrange your folded strips of paper in the order that you want to apply them to the card.

Start with #1 on the template:
* Cut a strip of paper so that it is a little longer than the aperture opening.
* Line up the folded side of the strip of paper with the inside edge of the area labeled with a "1".
* Tape both ends of the strip of paper to the back of the card.

Step 5
Using the next color, follow the same instructions for #2. Repeat all the way around the aperture, following the numbers and working inward as you complete each round. Stop when you have the desired size for the aperture opening.

The back of the card will look quite messy as you progress, but when you flip the card over it should look something like this:

Step 6
To finish the center attach a small picture, a decorative button, etc. You can now mount your finished work using glue or double-sided tape.

Here's the template I used for my project:-

I tried to copy/paste the actual size one that I used but it wouldn't let me, for whatever reason. So, you'll have to resize it to 1 1/4".

Note: when you resize it to that teeny weeny size, you may not be able to see the numbers, which was the case for me and my dwindling eyesight. If you keep the large size template, as a guide, you'll be "good to go".

Hope you enjoyed my creation.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Martha Stewart Punch All Over the Page

Well, I had a lot of fun playing w/ my new toy that Martha Stewart Crafts sent to me. :-)

Instead of making cards this time, I decided to just make card toppers, giving you some different ideas.

Most of the designs, w/ the exception of one, started by using a Punch Around the Page on a 3 ¼” square, layered onto a 3 ½” square. Each time, I used the Rose Window Punch All Over the Page punch in the centre. Here are the particulars:-

Punch Around the Page: Snow Flurry
Centre:- Poinsettia embellie

Punch Around the Page: Swirling Lace (the one that 10 lucky gals won!) :-)
Centre:- flower w/ brad

Punch Around the Page: Scallop 3-dot
Turned it on its side (to form a diamond)
Centre:- design on patterned paper

See below for the patterned paper I started with. Depending on what patterned paper you use, you can get some neat effects.

Here, I’m showing how easy it was to create a row of 2 punch-outs on 2 rows; hence 4 punch-outs.
Centre: glittery snowflakes
Punch Around the Page: Quilted
Centre:- used the cutout from the 4 punch-outs (above), topping w/ a rhinestone

It was the first time I noticed that there was a different looking corner on the punch set. Even tho the instructions read:- Position top over the paper so that the flat corner matches up w/ the corresponding one on the base, it really didn’t sink in what that meant. Now I know. LOL
Here’s a pic to explain it a li’l bit better:-

Martha and her creators thought of everything!!! WTG!!!

Also, w/ all of these punches, you’re left w/ other li’l embellies. W/ this punch, I’m left w/ 1 ¼” scallop circles. I don’t have a scallop punch so this is an added treat. W/ the butterfly one, you’ll have li’l butterflies. W/ the heart one --- hearts. W/ the star one --- stars. You get the idea! :-)

I have another idea in mind to show you, but this is going to take a li’l time to create. Stay tuned. :-)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sneak Peek...........

Lookie what I just got.............

What's inside --- you're asking??? LOL

Well, firstly, it was sent from Martha Stewart Crafts and. . . . . . it's the newly released Punch All Over the Page punch. Is that cool, or what??? :-)

Here it is out of the box.....

There are two parts, when taken apart. One is the base and the other is the actual punch. Four strong magnets connect them together, as you place your paper/cardstock between the two parts. You can use this punch in the center, on the edge, or anywhere on the page. If you punch multiple times in a row or grid, you can achieve a patterned effect. :-)

Here are the instructions for use:-

1. Separate top from the base.
2. Lay paper over base.
3. Position top over paper so that the flat corner matches up with the corresponding one on the base.
4. Magnets will connect at all four corners.

For best results:-
1. Press top of punch evenly with both hands.
2. Use a cutting mat to protect your work surface.

The punch I received was the:- "Rose Window". Here are other designs which are available:-

Stay tuned for more, as I will be sharing some sample ideas. I’m just "tickled pink" that I was sent this punch and get to share my thoughts/ideas w/ all of you. Can't wait to "play". :-)

Thanks, again, Martha Stewart Crafts for thinking of me!! :-)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas Card Making Kit

I was overjoyed when I spotted this item at Michael's, as I wanted to try something different for making Christmas cards this year and go "an easy route". It "fit the bill" perfectly for me. And. . . . using a 50% off coupon didn't hurt, neither. :-)

Here's what the box looks like. It has a flip-top lid and a li'l compartment on the inside lid, that you can see some goodies peeking thru the cover. This box can be refurbished for so many different things. :-)

It comes complete w/ everything you need to make 18 gorgeous cards (3 each of 6 different styles):- cardstock; die cuts all measured and pre-cut; embellies such as:- beads, pompoms, glitter, ribbon; all pre-glued and pre-popdotted. I found the artwork to be very whimsical so it was right up my alley!! :-)

Here's a sampling. You can click on the pix to enlarge them.

Showing the front; inside w/ the li'l sentiments that are also included (which you can mix/match); and the back that says: "Handmade for you by". I just added my name via an alpha stamp set.

You can embellish them further, i.e. adding more beads, or Stickles, chalk, etc. or even inking the edges. Or you can just leave them "as is". You can see in this pic that they even thought of using "layers" for the sentiment. How cool is that, eh? :-)

You don't even have to follow the sample pix enclosed in the package, as you can mix/match the die cuts, too. Can you tell how excited I am about this li'l gem?? LOL

Oh yeh, they even include 18 protective inserts to place over your cards, when mailing. They literally haven't left anything to chance.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My blog has.........Attitude!!!! :-)

Wowsers! I just received a Blog Attitude Award. Now my blog and I match!!! LOL (Hubby will attest to the fact that I sometimes have an “attitude”!) Notice the opportune word “sometimes”. LOL

Terry of Iluvmybugs bestowed this award upon me and I was really touched by it. Thank you sooooo much, Terry. You have to go and check out her blog --- it’s the “bomb” !!!

Along w/ this award, comes a $5 free digi certificate from Digi’s With Attitude. How cool is that?? To accept this award and be eligible for this certificate, I have to list 3 things that make me/my blog different, and to pass it on to 5 additional bloggers. So here goes:

Firstly, I really don’t consider my blog “different” from others. I may call it “unique”, tho, in that:-

1. I’ve always loved things “whimsical”, so I try to make my blog a “fun/whimsical” place to be.
2. My original focus for my blog was to show my organization (or lack thereof!! LOL) in my craft room, hoping it would help others. Along w/ that, I’ll showcase different products, which I’ve purchased on my own. So, you can imagine my shock/amazement/thrill when a rep. from Martha Stewart Crafts contacted me to do a give-away on my li’l blog. I’m still reeling from it. :-)
3. Whenever I see a cute/whimsical button, you’ll find it’s jumped onto my blog ----to link you to its blogger’s site.

It was really difficult to choose just “5” blogger friends whom I consider have “Attitude”, but here are the ones I did choose:-

Joy:- http://joyslife.com/
Mary:- http://www.scrapbookinggrandmacrafts.com/
Shari:- http://shariscreationswiththecricut.blogspot.com/
Sharon:- http://grammashouseofcards.blogspot.com/
Tangee:- http://www.kricutkrazy.com/

So now, gals, to qualify for the $5 Digi’s with Attitude store gift certificate, you must:

* List 3 things that make you/your blog different.
* Pass this award on to 5 others.
* Display the badge/award on your sidebar, linking to the Digi’s with Attitude Challenge Blog.

Then go to http://digiswithattitudechallenges.blogspot.com/p/i-got-attitude-blog-award.html. and, once there, read the Digi's with Attitude Guidelines. Once YOU nominate 5 people (that you think have ATTITUDE) to get this award and, if they follow through with the "rules", they receive a $5 gift certificate from Digi's with Attitude!

Thanks, again, to Terry for this award and also to Digi’s with Attitude!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

PhotoBucket fun....

Just me playing around w/ PhotoBucket. :-)

I did a "colour splash" (removing all of the colour, w/ exception of the li'l M & M's. Then, added a thought bubble w/ text in it.

Wadaya think?? Cool, eh? It's totally amazing what you can do w/ that Program. LOVE it! :-)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Martha Stewart Punch medallions

Top o' the morn to you all. Hope you're having a great week. :-)

As promised, here are pix of the punch sets I own. I made them into li'l medallions, by taking a piece of paper, 2" x 2", and using the Corner punch. Aren't they the cutest?? Just think of all the possibilities of using these on cards or LO's.

Don't forget that you can click on the pix to enlarge them. :-)

Soooooo, now which ones are "your" fav's???

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