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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Temporary punch storage

Just discovered a temporary spot to store my MS punches, until hubby puts up some more punch racks for me. :-) You could actually store them in this container, permanently, too.

--- it’s the Iris 12” x 12” scrapbook container:-
Stores 8 sets of the MS Punch around the Page sets. Here it is completely closed:-

Friday, August 27, 2010

Owl Birthday card

I absolutely LOVE the Cricut "Wild Card" cart. and had to give the li’l owl card a go. Because I don’t have the "Hoot ‘n’ Holler" cart. that has the saying “Hoos having a birthday”, I made my own, using Design Studio and utilizing the “All Mixed Up” cart. I’m sharing the cut file, if anyone is interested.
Front of envie:-


Cricut Expression
Cricut Design Studio
Cricut Cartridges (see below)
Glue (Glue Glider Pro)
Patterned Paper

Cricut Cartridges used:-

Wild Card – owl base and envelope
All Mixed Up – fonts

The owl project is on p. 72 of the "Wild Card" handbook. There are many ways of putting this card together, but I chose:-

Envelope – “Owl-s”
Envelope layers – “Icon”, reg. and shift
Owl card – “owl”
Owl layers – “liner”, reg.
Envelope front – “frame”, shift

Here’s the cut file for the sentiment.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Missing tip for "Thank Ewe" card

Hiya. I forgot to mention a tip for attaching the ribbon to the stencilled "EWE" on the oval. I used a li'l brad --- hidden under the knotted part of the bow. I felt, if I used just adhesive, I'd stand the chance of it falling off. This way ---- it's going..............nowhere!! :-)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Thank Ewe Card :-)

Made the following card for a dear friend of mine. No idea why the grass is showing "brown" -- it's actually green. Maybe I forgot to water it!! LOLHere's the inside:-
If you click on each image, you will see it, in greater detail.

Cricut Expression
Cricut Design Studio
Cricut Cartridges (see below)
Cuttlebug – Divine Swirls folder
I-Rock tool and gems
Martha Stewart Round the Page punch - Raindrops
Glue (regular, Glue Glider Pro & Zig Two-Way for small items)
Patterned Paper
Stickles – Waterfall, Lavender, Magenta

Cricut Cartridges used:-
Animal Kingdom - sheep
Just Because Cards – card base, front, EWE’s, stencil
Straight from the Nest – grass, flowers

This card was completely designed, using the Cricut Design Studio. If you would like my cut file, here are the links for the download. I will also place it in my “FREE FILES” section.

Design Studio cut file:- http://www.mediafire.com/?g784uerm0zgvykd

Gypsy file:- http://www.mediafire.com/?l7gwcphaotwa848

The sentiment was computer-generated.

The scalloped circle was from something I had before. I have nooooo idea where it came from – if it was a Cricut cut or from a punch, or maybe even my Slice machine. :-)

NOTE: the first page has the ovals and “ewes”. Make sure you “hide contour” the “thank” on the “thank ewe” oval. I saved it w/ the “hide contour” on but, for whatever reason, it didn’t stay.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Have you heard the buzz about the new I-Rock tool?
In a nutshell, the I-rock will permanently affix rhinestones, jewels and pearls to paper, fabric, albums, CD's or even furniture, to create a dazzling masterpiece!

If you want to know more, be sure to check out this website:-

Here is how I store mine:-
A velcroed pouch stores the instructions and templates.

Bottom area stores the I-Rock tool, inside another pouch.

Then, I have a little storage unit that houses the jewels. There is also a little pouch that is velcroed to the inside front, for storing the jewel setter sticks.
My storage unit came from the $ store. :-) You can find these cases, all over, even at your friendly WallyWorld. The I-Rock was purchased at Michael's, using a 50% off coupon. Yahooo!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What hubby brought me back. . . .

When hubby returned from his trip, it was almost like Christmas for me. (I think he may have missed me a li’l.) :-)

I had been eyeing this li’l gadget for awhile but kept passing it up. I really didn’t think I would like it. After all, I have a whole slew of MS punches and some EK Success ones, so why would I need another punch gizmo??

Well, this is one of the things he brought back for me. He got it at Michael's.

Let me tell you. . . . . . . I LOVE it. It’s totally unlike the other border punches, in that the punch mechanism moves instead of you having to move your paper, trying to line it up, etc. The craft punch thingamagig fits into knotches that moves alongside your paper. Works like a charm. :-)

Here are samples of some of the borders. And. . . . . . you can utilize the cut-outs for other projects.

I also got 2 T-shirts and a beautiful ladybug watch. How great was that, eh? As I said, just like Christmas!! Yeppers, I'm spoiled!! I think he's a keeper, eh? :-)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Debut of. . . . .Gina!

My Baby Girl Gypsy has finally been dubbed. . . . . .Georgina; elsewise known as “Gina”. She’s a cousin to George (George & Basic Shapes cart.). :-)

Click on her and she has a li'l message for you. :-)

Earth Worker:- planter, cultivator, grower

I chose this name as I feel my li’l Gypsy is a planter, cultivator and grower of the creativity that she generates.

She’s sporting a new outfit:- her NuShield screen protector. She LOVES it. It feels nice and cozy and her stylus just glides across it. :-)

If you wish to doll up your Gypsy w/ one of these, here are the partic’s:-


On right-hand side, under “Applications”:-

* Click on “Handheld Devices”
* Then “ProvoCraft”
* Under “Model”, click on “Gypsy”
* Then, “Select Film Type”

And you’re good to go!

DISCLAIMER:- I am in no way affiliated w/ this Company. I’m just very happy w/ their product and wanted to share w/ all of you.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Surprise card for hubby

Hubby is out of town and he has nooooo idea that this card is waiting for him on my blog. He's going to be checking it --- to show someone something.

Here you are, Sweetheart:-

If you click on each image, you will see greater detail.


Cricut Expression
Cricut Cartridges (see below)
SizzixGarden Delight (for the “u”)
Quickutz – for the chocolate kiss
Glue (regular & Zig Two-Way for small items)
Patterned PaperCardstock

Cricut Cartridges used:-
Storybook – for the “I”
Cindy Loo – “miss”
Pink Journey – scalloped oval
Sweethearts – heart w/ couple silhouette
Hannah Montana – musical notes
Wild Card – “You make my heart sing”

Hope you like it, Sweetie!!! Can't wait until you come home. Bailey has been missing you, too!

Gift for a friend....

This is what I started with…..
This is how I embellished it…..

You can see more detail, by clicking on the images.


Cricut Expression
Cricut Design Studio – to check sizes of images
Cricut Cartridges (see below)
Glue (regular, Tacky, & Zig Two-Way for small items)
Patterned Paper
Tweezers (my new-found friend) :-)

Cricut Cartridges used:-
Pagoda – bridge fence; branches; Kanji symbols; Koi fish; Heron
Tie the Knot – smaller branches
Wild Card – sentiment on back

When I saw this li’l Geisha, I just had to get it for one of my friends. It sat around for some time, not knowing quite what to do w/ it. Then I got the Pagoda cartridge and everything finally fell into place. :-)

Everything was pretty much utilizing my Cricut cartridges, with the exception of the pool of water. I chose some patterned paper, that resembled trickling water, and just cut it to fit.

The two Kanji letters symbolize happiness and friendship.

I posted about these flowers before, so now you can see what I used them for. I added li’l pearls, using my “new-found friend”, the tweezers. Got them at the $ store and have no idea how I did w/out them, all these years. Made inserting the li’l pearls a true gem.
I put the “handmade just for you” sentiment on the back. Hope Aileen likes it!! I had a ball making it!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

25th Birthday Card

It was my niece’s 25th birthday, so made her the following card:-

The birdhouse flips up to reveal the sentiment, “Happy BDay”. The other sentiments are computer-generated.

the inside of the card. . . . . .

the back of the card. . . . .


Cricut Expression
Cricut Design Studio
Cricut Cartridges (see below)
Glue (regular & Zig Two-Way for small items)
Patterned Paper
Cardstock – double-sided (see below)
MS punch – Woodland Branch (top of sentiments)
MS punch – Optic Dot (eaves of birdhouse)
Sizzix Sizzlits - Scribbles Swirls die (branches)
Ink (for edging)
Corner rounder

Cricut Cartridges used:-

Cindy Loo – birdhouses and layers, heart for housetop
Lyrical Letters – Happy BDay sentiment
Stamping – bird, circle around hole

I just love my Cricut Design Studio. I needed it to skew the sentiment, “Happy BDay” so it would fit inside the birdhouse. You can achieve the same result using the Cricut Gypsy.

Here is the CostCo cardstock I used:-
MemoryStor® 300 Count Scrapbook Cardstock with Crop Case
75 Designer Patterns, 4 Sheets each

Because it’s double-sided, you can get a lot of different effects and it adds visual interest. I tried to make it so the front of the card would have a minimalist design on it, and was pleasantly surprised when the back had a full design, with the inside of the card, having a leaf design centered on the card. Couldn’t get anything better than that. Hope Shawna likes it!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sympathy Card

I made the following card for my Sister-in-Law, who just lost her brother. (RIP, dear Brian)
This was made w/ a “twist”, as I utilized some Anaglypta wallpaper that I had. When I first looked at the border (below), I immediately saw a beautiful tail for a bird. If you click on the pic, it will enlarge and you can see the detail in the different style of embossing. I used another piece, which resembled feathers, for the body of the bird.


Tools/Items:-Cricut Expression
Cricut Design Studio
Cricut Cartridges (see below)
Glue (regular & Zig Two-Way for small items)
Patterned Paper
Anaglypta Wallpaper
Martha Stewart corner/border punch (Quilted)
Rubber Stamp – “Thinking of You”

Cricut Cartridges used:-

Beyond Birthdays – dove
Cindy Loo – frame w/ swirl
Jasmine – “With Sympathy”
Sentimentals – envelope, in dove’s mouth

The sentiment is computer-generated.

Sympathy cards, to me, are supposed to be minimal, but tasteful --- w/ not too much glitz. When I spotted the Anaglypta paper, the whole card just too flight (no pun intended). I used Martha’s Punch around the Page for a background for the dove, in flight, adding a li’l envelope, depicting "sending a message".

I used Design Studio to be able to skew the frame, inside the card, to the size I needed. It was great to be able to stretch/size the swirl to fit the stretched image. This can also be achieved on the Cricut Gypsy. Wasn’t sure whether the sentiment (With Sympathy) from “Jasmine” would rip, because it was so tiny, but I think one of my angels was w/ me, whilst I was creating this card. Everything just fell into place, nicely.

Thanks for looking. Hopefully, you won’t have to make too many Sympathy cards but, just in case you do, you are more than welcome to scraplift mine. :-)

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